Vishinsky was a crew member aboard a Morestran probe ship sent to Zeta Minor in 37166 to make contact with Professor Sorenson's expedition.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Upon arrival at the planet, Vishinsky requested that the standard low level scan be performed before he led a landing party. Controller Salamar, his superior, refused, citing fuel conservation. The landing party soon found the expedition's base and took the Fourth Doctor prisoner after finding him within. They also found the Doctor's TARDIS and had it sent to the probe ship.

The ship was unable to leave the planet due to the anti-matter minerals on board. When the anti-matter creature attacked the craft, Vishinsky pressured Salamar into following the Doctor's suggestion to link the force field to the atomic accelerator. This fended off the attack and engendered trust between Vishinsky and the Doctor.

Salamar was quick to blame the Doctor and Sarah for the deaths of Morelli and De Haan - committed by an infected Sorenson. Vishinsky refused to comply with his superior's command to eject them into space, fighting with him. Salamar forced Vishinsky's hand against the switch, starting the ejection process, but the Controller was called away by the screams of Reig as Sorenson killed him.

Vishinsky released the time travellers and assumed control of the ship, declaring that Salamar had made too many mistakes. The deposed Controller heckled him when he attempted to give orders and threatened him with a gun, forcing him to open a door that allowed Salamar to pursue Sorenson.

Sarah and Vishinsky were close to being killed by pure anti-matter duplicates of Sorenson, created by Salamar's use of a neutron accelerator, when the Doctor fulfilled his promise to return the anti-matter to Zeta Minor and the attackers disappeared. With the minerals gone, the ship was able to leave the planet's gravity and Vishinsky planned ahead to an emergency refuelling that would allow them to complete their return journey. (TV: Planet of Evil)

Despite his actions, he was reviled as a betrayer by the Morestrans in the 392nd century. (PROSEZeta Major)

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