The Virgoan were a time-active species who belonged to the Temporal Powers.

Biology Edit

The Virgoans were shape-shifting, biomechanical symbiotes with an obsession for temporal tidiness. The Virgoans were excellent at discovering temporal anomalies and fixing them; fixing them badly, but with unbounded enthusiasm. (PROSE: Stop the Pigeon) Vansell claimed that the Virgoans had a reputation for being selfish. (AUDIO: The Apocalypse Element)

History Edit

The Time Lords spent centuries trying to stop the Virgoans from badly repairing the Time Vortex, but had little success.

A Virgoan survey team once arrived on Melandra IV, only to discover that it was in the middle of a Krynoid infestation. The survey team became infected, and subsequently travelled to Earth. One of the Virgoan survey probes eventually worked out how to transform itself into vegetable matter, allowing it to absorb the Krynoid. (PROSE: Stop the Pigeon)

The Virgoans attended a time treaty on Archetryx. The signing of the treaty allowed the Virgoans to become part of the Temporal Powers. (AUDIO: The Apocalypse Element)

The Virgoans attended a summit along with the rest of the Temporal Powers to discuss and agree upon legislation to limit time travel within the Vortex. (AUDIO: Square One)

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