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The Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures were a series of novels that featured Bernice Summerfield and her "supporting cast". They were published by Virgin Books beginning in May 1997 as a continuation of their New Adventures line after the loss of their Doctor Who license. The line ended in October 1999.

Big Finish Productions would later obtain the licence to these characters for their own line of audios, novels and short fiction featuring Benny and her supporting cast. Several novels were adapted for audio in this series.

Stories Edit

Title Author Featuring Published
Oh No It Isn't! Paul Cornell Wolsey 1 May 1997
Dragons' Wrath Justin Richards Irving Braxiatel 2 June 1997
Beyond the Sun Matthew Jones Jason Kane, Emile Mars-Smith 3 July 1997
Ship of Fools Dave Stone 21 August 1997
Down Lawrence Miles !X 2 September 1997
Deadfall Gary Russell Chris Cwej 2 October 1997
Ghost Devices Simon Bucher-Jones God, Clarence 3 November 1997
Mean Streets Terrance Dicks Chris Cwej 1 December 1997
Tempest Christopher Bulis 2 January 1998
Walking to Babylon Kate Orman 3 February 1998
Oblivion Dave Stone Jason Kane, Chris Cwej, Roz Forrester 2 March 1998
The Medusa Effect Justin Richards Irving Braxiatel 2 April 1998
Dry Pilgrimage Paul Leonard, Nick Walters 3 May 1998
The Sword of Forever Jim Mortimore 2 June 1998
Another Girl, Another Planet Martin Day, Len Beech 20 August 1998
Beige Planet Mars Lance Parkin, Mark Clapham 15 October 1998
Where Angels Fear Rebecca Levene, Simon Winstone Irving Braxiatel 2 December 1998
The Mary-Sue Extrusion Dave Stone Jason Kane 1 February 1999
Dead Romance Lawrence Miles Christine Summerfield, Chris Cwej 1 March 1999
Tears of the Oracle Justin Richards Jason Kane, Irving Braxiatel 2 June 1999
Return to the Fractured Planet Dave Stone Irving Braxiatel 2 August 1999
The Joy Device Justin Richards 1 October 1999
Twilight of the Gods Mark Clapham, Jon de Burgh Miller Jason Kane, Chris Cwej, Clarence, Irving Braxiatel 2 December 1999

Notes Edit

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