Viperox were insectoid species of conquerers.


Viperox were tall insectoid humanoids. They varied in appearance, but were blue-green, with a tough exoskeleton, long limbs and sharp claws. They also had eyes on stalks, mandibles and very acute hearing.

There were at least 3 types of Viperox.

  • Viperox Battle Drones were the soldiers and warriors of the Viperox, travelling in swarms of thousands. They had flat plates, four long mandibles and clawed hands, which could shoot out spines which exploded on impact. They had great strength and could dig through solid concrete. The battle drones were aggressive and would hunt for practice as well as food.
  • Above the battle drones were the Leaders, such as Lord Azlok. They were the smartest and controlled the rest of the Viperox. The lords were shorter than the drones, with more rounded plates, hands instead of claws and a Human-like mouths. They also had four wings, allowing them to fly.
  • The Viperox Queen was the producer of eggs for the Viperox. They produced eggs by the thousands, allowing for the creation of armies. Though similar in appearance to the lords, the Queens were much larger, as well as having a large abdomen swollen with eggs and four legs instead of two. (DW: Dreamland)


The Viperox were made into the Viperox Empire. During an invasion, the Viperox landed with a small number of Viperox and the queen, who would then lay eggs. The eggs would then hatch into battle drones, who would make up the invasion force. (DW: Dreamland)

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In the 1950s, the Viperox were on the brink of war with the Gray aliens. The ambassador Seruba Velak attempted to negotiate, but was shot down by pirates and crashed on Earth. The negotiation fell through, and the war began, leading to the victories by the Viperox.

In 1958, the Viperox, led by Lord Azlok, came to Roswell following Rivesh Mantilax. Rivesh had created a genetic weapon that targeted the Viperox, which the Viperox wanted. They set up a queen under the ground, laying eggs for an invasion force. Lord Azlok pretended to join forces with General Stark, claiming that the weapon could be used on Russia. Lord Azlok also obtained an android from the Alliance of Shades, which he used to track down the weapon. By following the Doctor, Lord Azlok and General Stark were able to get the weapon, but after the Doctor explained the Viperox's plan, the army severed ties with the Viperox. Following this, the eggs hatched and the Viperox swarmed out. (DW: Dreamland)


  • The Doctor states on a few occasions that the Viperox would eventually become a peace-loving race, although whether this actually occurs or is just the Doctor's hope is debatable.

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