The Vinvocci were a species of green-skinned, spiky humanoids.

Biology Edit

The Vinvocci were green, spiky humanoids. They resembled the Zocci, but were taller and green. (TV: The End of Time)

Technology Edit

Rossiter and Addams used shimmers to appear as humans. These devices, disguised as a wristwatch, allowed Rossiter and Addams to work for Joshua Naismith undetected. However the device was uncomfortable to use.

The Vinvocci had a medical device, dubbed the Immortality Gate by humans, which was capable of healing "whole planets".

Rossiter and Addams also had a salvage spaceship. It had a teleport system connected to the wristwatches and several sets of automated laser weapons for destroying asteroids. (TV: The End of Time)

Culture Edit

The Vinvocci found it racially offensive to be referred to as cacti. (TV: The End of Time)

History Edit

In December 2009, a salvage team, consisting of Rossiter and Addams, arrived on Earth to find the Immortality Gate. The Gate had been reactivated by humans, and had sent out a signal which attracted the pair. They infiltrated the company of Joshua Naismith, under the guise of two human scientists. They were trying to repair the Immortality Gate, but the Master stopped their plans by using it to transform every human on Earth into duplicates of himself.

The Vinvocci, unaffected due to their alien nature, helped the Tenth Doctor and Wilfred Mott escape the Master, bringing them to their ship. They later helped the Doctor return to the Naismith mansion, dropping off Wilfred Mott shortly afterwards when he refused to leave the Doctor. They then departed, unwilling to involve themselves any further in the conflict as they believed Earth was going to be destroyed. (TV: The End of Time)

A Vinvocci was a customer at the Intergalactic Coffee Roasting Station. (PROSE: Lights Out)

A doctor working at New Hippocrates was a Vinvocci. (COMIC: The Day at the Doctors)

Behind the scenes Edit

Vinvocci original

The makeup design for Addams as originally filmed, and as recoloured. (CON: Lords and Masters/TV: The End of Time)

  • The original makeup design for the Vinvocci was not completely green. After principal photography had finished, Russell T Davies reconsidered the creatures' design and decided to have the footage digitally recoloured. (PCOM: The End of Time)
  • It was revealed that the Vinvocci and the Zocci are actually related. (CON: Lords and Masters)
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