DWA CS 020 Hondran Vine

A Killer Vine. COMIC: The Hunters

A vine was part of a plant.

One method the Swampies used to make sacrifices to Kroll was to tie vines around people. The vines would stretch in the sunlight becoming tighter until the victim's back was broken. (TV: The Power of Kroll)

Killer Vines were huge creeping vines with multiple snake-like heads growing out from the main stem. (COMIC: The Hunters)

After the TARDIS landed on Hespic, a creature on the planet wandered inside. It caused seeds from various planets that were inside the TARDIS to grow rapidly, filling it with plants. While trying to capture the creature, the Eleventh Doctor became trapped in vines, so Amy Pond and Rory Williams had to trap it themselves. (COMIC: Grow Your Own)

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