Vincent Wheaton was a human with psychic powers. He was the husband of Justine Wheaton.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Vincent's power was a combination of telepathy and telekinesis. By himself he could not access this power, but when he made physical contact with someone, he could read their memories and emotions, amplifying them and releasing the psychic energy to move or reshape matter. (PROSE: Warlock)

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Vincent Wheaton was born and raised in an unspecified American city. When he was ten, he walked in on a violent argument between his parents and his father grabbed him. This caused his power to manifest itself for the first time; Vincent used his father's anger to fling a mirror across the room and strike him in the head, cutting it.

Vincent suppressed the frightening memory of the incident, but when he was fourteen, Bobby Prescott attempted to kill him and Calvin Palmer. Vincent remembered what had happened four years before. When Calvin touched him, he used the boy's fear and love of computer games to reshape his bicycle into a monster which killed Prescott's helpers and frightened off the killer.

Unfortunately, Calvin was also frightened by Vincent's power, and with the help of his friends they set a trap for him at Calvin's house. They drugged him and placed him in a barrel containing chemicals which placed him in suspended animation. They flew to an island off the coast of Turkey, where they buried the container and kept guard over it.

Following the Seventh Doctor's instructions, Ace and a group of Kurdish mercenaries she had hired raided the island to get the barrel. After taking it to the Doctor's house in Kent, she and the Doctor revived Vincent. Vincent met Justine and began a relationship with her.

In New York City, the Doctor arranged for Vincent to be captured by the Butler Institute, who detected his abilities thanks to a science article written by Shreela Govindia. He was taken to Mathew O'Hara's house in the Catskill Mountains. The plan was for Vincent to use Justine's anger at the destruction of Earth's environment to destroy the site the Institute had built. This failed because Justine fell in love with Vincent.

Vincent used O'Hara's coldness to destroy the site and him. With the Institute's plans defeated, Vincent and Justine were free to live their lives together. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Warhead)

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