Viktor was a Xhosa bio-mechanical construct.

He, along with his friend the Thane, watched over the mind-wiped Khamirae on a backwater planet after the war the Khamirae were manufactured for ceased to exist. When the Khamirae unexpectedly had children, the Thane was able to renew himself by cloning replacements for fifty generations to continue watching over them, while Viktor's systems including his voice slowly started to fail. With Viktor's help, the Thane started to collect DNA samples to bolster his own DNA, but his dirty biopsy device caused the villagers to contract septicemia and die. Viktor became known to the villagers as the "beast".

When the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones arrived, the Thane had Viktor bring them to the keep. Gideon was able to release the Doctor before Viktor could do this, and the Doctor and Gideon stormed the keep to save Martha. Martha tried to warn the Doctor not to destroy the Thane's neuropathic generator, but failed. The generator's destruction caused the Khamirae villagers to transform into bestial form. The Doctor repaired Viktor's voice circuits, and Viktor agreed to go with him to protect him from the attacking villagers as he rewired the generator using the Thane's distress beacon. Widow Margaret killed Viktor while he protected the Doctor. (COMIC: Universal Monsters)

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