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Vikram Shindi was a member of UNIT under Kate Stewart's leadership.


He was very annoyed with Josh Carter. He helped Osgood track an energy unit. (AUDIO: Vanguard)

He went to Geneva. (AUDIO: Earthfall) He got angry that only 12 of the energy units where destroyed. He sent units to look stake out Devlin Futuretech buildings and discovered that the central building of the head office was shielded. (AUDIO: Bridgehead)

Vikram said that he had met the Brigadier before Alistair died. Vikram went with Kate to Black Archive 5. He was injured defending Osgood, shot by an Auton but survived. (AUDIO: Armageddon)

He was still recovering from his injuries during the subsequent dealings with Lyme Industries, with temporary command given to Captain Carter. (AUDIO: Power Cell)

Vikram meets a Silent at Helena Faversham's residence. (AUDIO: House of Silents)

While in a wheelchair, he was sent to observe Helena Faversham's residence in a UNIT observation, as there were strange energy pulses detected from it. He called Osgood in a hurry, but soon forgot why he was calling. He recorded a conversation between Faversham and the Silents but kept forgetting the Silents' part of the conversation. After observing Carter's attack on the Silents, he gained the will to walk again. (AUDIO: House of Silents)

He had to deal with Jacqui McGee when she arrived at the UNIT space control and took her back to London. He then went back to UNIT HQ to get the material that Kate wanted to help get back into contact with Osgood. He realised that all of the UNIT had forgotten about their missions against the Silents, and found all the technology from their encounters. He then lead a mission to the UNIT space control room to take out all of the Silents there and help to get Osgood and Sam Bishop back to Earth. (AUDIO: In Memory Alone)

When Silurians were invading Britain in the 2010s, Shindi was operating in Geneva with Elizabeth Klein. (AUDIO: United)

Vikram confronts the damaged Dalek. (AUDIO: The Dalek Transaction)

He and the team flew to South America on intelligence that a local resistance force had obtained alien technology. There they met resistance leader Captain Gonsalves and discovered she had a captured Dalek in her secure bunker. Having encountered Daleks on several occasions, Vikram's mood turned dark. When the Dalek revealed that there were others of its kind in the surrounding jungle, Vikram and Kate took the Kaled mutant to find the other Daleks but it escaped. Returning empty handed, he was taken prisoner and he and Josh were led on a wild goose chase around the jungle and back to the bunker to find the missing Dalek. Having re-entered its casing, the Dalek killed Gonsalves and self-destructed, destroying the bunker. Having escaped the explosion, Vikram and the team were then rescued by the American arm of UNIT. (AUDIO: The Dalek Transaction)

With reported sightings of the Grey Man across London inciting fear in people, Vikram and his UNIT troops cordoned off a television station in Wood Lane and fought off the apparitions. (AUDIO: Invocation)

He arrived in the Ardennes, observed by Kate via the hologram projector, and discovered a crashed Sontaran capsule. Suddenly, they were ambushed by a squad of Sontarans and Kate lost contact with Vikram. On board the Sontaran ship, he was tortured for information by Marshal Skar. Later the Sontaran enlisted his help in escorting his troops to where Commander Merx was being held captive. Returning to his cell, Vikram managed to turn the damaged hologram projector into a tracking device. This allowed Kate and some UNIT troops to locate Vikram and the Sontarans outside the Torrence Research Foundation. Allying themselves with the Sontarans, UNIT stormed the building and found Osgood held captive. They also uncovered a group of Sontarans cloned by Professor John Torrence hoping to sell them off as warriors for hire in the worldwide auction. (AUDIO: The Sontaran Project)

After an experimental travel capsule, obtained from the auctioneers, vanished with Osgood and Josh inside it and suddenly returned again, all seemed well. However, Vikram was soon told this Osgood was in fact from a sideways dimension where UNIT was run by a fascist state and he was to track her down after she escaped. Soon the other Osgood returned and attempted to escape again in the capsule. Vikram and the team were saved when the capsule just managed to disappear before the dimensional gateway imploded. Vikram then headed off to Kate's office with her where Sam had obtained more information on the auctioneers. (AUDIO: False Negative)

He got worried when Kate and Osgood went to find Bishop. He later located a Box in London which had Sam Bishop inside. (AUDIO: Game Theory)

Osgood used him as part of an experiment in the VR world. In the world they were attacked by mutated dogs. When Shindi found out that the VR world is affected by their imagination he imagined that he could run really fast. He noticed that the parallel world wasn't that different to their own. He started to be cyber-converted. (AUDIO: Telepresence)

Osgood stopped the Cybermen from fully converting him. When he came into contact with Kate, she knocked him out. (AUDIO: Code Silver)

Osgood sent him and Bishop after Kate, the War Master and Carter. They were traced to the Auctioneers base. The Master managed to interrupt the connection to the Cybermen and reversed the conversion. Kate got him to use the Master forcefield to stop the Cybermen coming after them. He protected the base to stop the Cybermen from interfering with Kate's plan. (AUDIO: Master of Worlds)

He ordered Brundle to be shot after he was infected with the Wirrn. He was later ordered to find Brundle when he escaped. He found out that Brundle was digging a tunnel and tracked it through the countryside. After the Wirrn escaped from the base he had to evacuate the local hospital when the Wirrn infected patients were taken there. (AUDIO: Hosts of the Wirrn)

He was tasked with tracking the Valkyri fleet to Earth. He put Josh on a charge for aiding Osgood in her betrayal. (AUDIO: Breach of Trust)

Osgood managed to get in contact with him whilst she was the Pandora Institute to send a platoon to rescue them. He also had a fighter which had the relay for Osgood's holograms. (AUDIO: Open the Box)