Victor Schaeffer, husband of Jacqueline Schaeffer, was an Adjudicator on Perfugium. He was a close friend to the mysterious Doctor John Smith, who often offered Victor psychological insight into some of the more difficult cases he found himself facing. On the tenth anniversary of Smith's arrival in Perfugium, the Schaeffers attended a dinner at Smith's house.

During the night, the Seventh Doctor appeared in the middle of a storm, and revealed that 'John Smith' was actually his amnesic old friend-turned-foe the Master. In the course of this confrontation, Smith's maid was revealed to be Death, who revealed that Victor had been the one responsible for a series of brutal prostitute murders, and also revealed that Jacqueline was in love with Smith rather than her husband. Although the Doctor attempted to argue that Victor had just been corrupted by Death to serve as one of her 'champions' in the 'absence' of the Master, Victor refused to accept this, insisting that he had committed those crimes to protect his wife from their corruption, finally killing her when she confirmed that she loved Smith as he couldn't bear to live without her.

Death turned back time to restore Jacqueline to life, but this was to give Smith the chance to kill Victor before he could kill Jacqueline, and it is unknown if Smith/the Master chose to kill his former friend or simply fled to become the Master once again. (AUDIO: Master)

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