Victor Pemberton (10 October 1931-13 August 2017[1]) wrote the Doctor Who television story Fury from the Deep and the audio drama Doctor Who and the Pescatons, acted as script editor from The Evil of the Daleks to The Ice Warriors (but only received credit on The Tomb of the Cybermen),[source needed] novelised his own scripts and appeared in a minor acting role as Jules Faure in The Moonbase.

He was in a relationship for many years with actor David Spenser, his life partner, who died in 2013.

As Fury from the Deep is missing all its episodes, Pemberton is the only writer (excluding Elwyn Jones) to not have a single surviving Doctor Who episode in the BBC Archives.

He is often credited as the one who created the Doctor's sonic screwdriver although it was production assistant Michael Briant who suggested to change the Doctor's normal screwdriver into a "sonic" one on location. (DWM 277)

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