Vetter's Tor was a hill about 3-4 miles from the village of Tranchard's Fell.

This was the site where a Varaxil spaceship crash-landed one spring in the 17th century. The accompanying lights and sounds could be seen and heard in the village, causing all kinds of superstitions about the devil. The Eighth Doctor investigated the site using Beatrix Butcher as a local guide and found the crashed ship underground, accessible through a hatchway. He later returned to this site to find a way to stop Agnes Bates, who has absorbed essences of multiple individuals with odic potential and became dangerous. The second time, the Doctor was accompanied by soldiers led by John Kincaid, the Witch-Pricker. The latter relied too much on his faith in confronting Agnes, which led to his demise. Following this, the Doctor persuaded Agnes to voluntarily enter a containment web to avoid harming anyone else. (AUDIO: The Witch from the Well)

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