Veronica Stackmore was the daughter of Leadworth's mayor in the 1990s. Veronica was spoiled, always expecting everything in life to go her way, and it always did. In year three at Leadworth Primary School, she was cast as the Virgin Mary for a nativity play. She picked on Amelia Pond and mercilessly made fun of her for believing in the Eleventh Doctor. At one point, she even ripped the head off of one of Amelia's Raggedy Doctor dolls. In retaliation, Mels, the only person of whom Veronica was afraid, dressed up as "the Sheep of Doom" and scared Veronica into giving Amelia back her broken doll.

Furious at having been humiliated by Mels, Veronica went to the school library, claiming that she needed to be alone to focus on the play, because Rory couldn't carry his part as Joseph. Instead, she began speaking to herself in the mirror and Krampus, a member of the Pantheon of Discord, chose that moment to appear to her dressed in a reverse Santa suit and claiming to be her uncle. She rejected the gift of an apple from him and instead demanded a Monique Superstar Doll with a complete Milan wardrobe, which she was granted.

She then became embroiled in his plan to "punish" Amelia, Rory, and Mels by wishing them gone and saying the words, "I banish these three forever." Veronica relished the idea of them missing the play and getting in trouble for it. To further prompt her to say the words, Krampus showed her a vision of Amelia's future Petrichor perfume advertisement and warned that if she didn't act, Amelia would become more beautiful than her. Infuriated, Veronica began to recite the words, only to be interrupted by Amelia, who distracted her by pointing out that her hands were dirty. Vainly, Veronica looked into the mirror and realised she was not holding a Monique doll, but a large chunk of coal. She threw the coal into the mirror in anger and forced Krampus and his minors back through the portal, severing the connection. It also caused Veronica, along with Amelia and Rory, to blackout and forget about everything relating to Krampus. With Veronica passed out, she was unable to play Mary in the nativity play after all. (COMIC: Imaginary Enemies)

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