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The Veritas were an ancient alien race with dwindling numbers. The survivors of the race took extremist views on the truth, killing anyone who had lied, due to the fact that the three surviving Veritas had been tricked into buying alien technology which they believed was a power source that could ultimately make their homeworld more powerful. The tech actually contained a virus which destroyed all life on the planet, leaving only three Veritas - the three which had brought the technology back to the world - alive since they were inside a temple which protected them from the virus.

The Veritas realised that their whole race had been destroyed by a single lie, so they began hunting down people and aliens across the universe who had been known to have lied. They carried this on for centuries and eventually found out about Sarah Jane Smith, a woman who had kept the secret of extraterrestrial life in the universe a secret to the rest of the world, and became hell-bent on punishing her.

However, when the Veritas attempted to punish Sarah they discovered the pure chaos that their presence on Earth caused and decided that Sarah Jane was in fact doing the right thing by keeping what she knew a secret as some humans couldn't handle the truth of knowing about alien life. After their realisation, the Veritas let Sarah go. (AUDIO: Judgement Day)

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