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Verdigris was the twenty-ninth novel in the BBC Past Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Paul Magrs, released 3 April 2000 and featured the Third Doctor, Jo Grant and Iris Wildthyme.

This was the first full length past Doctor novel to feature Iris Wildthyme. The novel featured Iris' companion Tom, who had previously appeared in the story Entertaining Mr O in the 1998 charity anthology Perfect Timing and would later make many appearances in the Iris Wildthyme series.

Publisher's summary[]

Jo Grant had no inkling of the ship that revolved in orbit like a discreet, preposterous thought in the mind of someone serene but bonkers.

High above London and its crust of smog, stretched tall above the soapy atmosphere of the Earth, is a ship the size and exact shape of St Pancras railway station.

On board, the Doctor and that mysterious lady adventurer, Iris Wildthyme, are bargaining for their lives with creatures determined to infiltrate the 1970s in the guise of characters from nineteenth-century novels.

Without the help of UNIT, the Doctor and his friends face the daunting task of defeating aliens, marauding robot sheep, the mysterious Children of Destiny and... the being who calls himself Verdigris.


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The Meercocks[]

The Children of Destiny[]

The Galactic Ambassadors[]


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The Doctor[]

  • In the future Iris and Jenny help (a future incarnation of) the Doctor to defeat the Dalek Supreme in the Crystal Mines of Marlion.




  • Iris summoned Verdigris from the planet Makorna.
  • The Doctor and Iris agree that the Nurses of Ionicaiy Six would go to the trouble of kidnapping humans simply to play doctors and nurses.
  • In Tom's first trip with Iris she took him to the planet Calgoria.




  • Paul Magrs crafts Iris Wildthyme as a sort of "anti-Doctor". She drinks, smokes, and generally kidnaps her companions. Also her companions are more or less opposite to the Doctor's: Jenny, the lesbian traffic warden who "got the runs" as they went through the vortex, and Tom, the black gay guy whom she also kidnapped.
  • In her diaries, Iris refers to the Third Doctor's era as gentler and more innocent time where "the timelines are intact, causality is unimpeached, and one historical event follows another in strict chronological order," and she wishes she could warn the Doctor of the coming "canon-death," where "everything was altered." Narratively, this is likely a reference to the Third Doctor's death on Dust. (PROSE: Interference - Book Two) Given Magrs' metafictional style, it could also be a commentary on how the style and subjects of Doctor Who stories had changed since Jon Pertwee's televised tenure.
  • Jo's friend and roommate, Tara, is the character Tara King from The Avengers.


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