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Dr Vera Juarez was a surgeon at City General Hospital in the 21st century and an associate of the Torchwood team. She was also Rex Matheson's lover and his personal doctor/spy for info gathering.


Early life[]

Vera came from San Antonio and her family included her mother and a brother. (TV: Immortal Sins) She became a doctor and married a man who worked at Cedarbrook. They later divorced, (TV: The New World) although he sometimes called her for sex and drugs. (TV: Rendition)

Miracle Day[]

In March 2011, she performed emergency surgery on Rex Matheson, correcting damage to his pericardium, major veins and arteries. She also alerted Esther Drummond to the medical miracle going on around the world. Through her contacts at various hospitals around the United States and Great Britain, she was able to determine that no one had died for over twenty-four hours — a statistical impossibility. (TV: The New World)

The following day, Juarez was overseeing her ER when she had a revelation: the nature of the miracle meant that the entire triage system was now backwards, due to patients being unable to die. Long-term care was now the priority; patients in "critical" condition would have to be temporarily ignored in favour of getting patients with minor injuries out of the medical system. Hoping to spread this insight, Juarez attended a conference in Washington DC, where she realised that infections would become disastrous due to being able to indefinitely grow inside never-dying hosts. While there, she received a call from Rex, who explained that the only mortal man on Earth had been poisoned with arsenic, and talked Rex and Gwen Cooper through treatment. Once the man, Jack Harkness, had been stabilised, Rex asked Juarez to meet him at the airport when he returned. On her way out, Juarez was accosted by Jilly Kitzinger, who mentioned that Juarez would need to work to repeal legislature restricting antibiotic access and offered Juarez her card. At the airport, Juarez only briefly met Rex, who was being pursued by the CIA, before being left behind. (TV: Rendition)

Later on, Rex, who had joined Torchwood, broke into Vera's house for help, as his wound was getting worse. Rex noted that their relationship was mutual blackmail, which was he found arousing. Despite the fact she was exhausted, Vera gave in and they had sex; it ended up helping Vera clear her head from all the stress Miracle Day gave her. He then offended her, causing her to throw him out of her house, but later decided to help him infiltrate PhiCorp. (TV: Dead of Night)

She later witnessed Ellis Hartley Monroe and Oswald Danes battle it out for popularity, which disgusted her. (TV: Escape to LA)


After the new categories of life were released and the medical panels were disbanded, Vera decided to join Torchwood — a rag-tag band made up of ex-Torchwood Three and ex-CIA members — to stop the Miracle. Vera went under cover inspecting an overflow camp, despite Rex's concerns, but was shot at the leg and the shoulder and put into a module with Category 1 individuals by Colin Maloney after threatening to prosecute him for not looking after the patients in the overflow camp correctly. The modules were actually ovens and the Category 1 patients were being burnt alive. Maloney switched on the module, burning alive all the patients, including Vera. (TV: The Categories of Life)

Vera's death was later exposed by Rex and Esther following their escape from the camp. While this prompted the White House to launch an official investigation into the San Pedro camp, the policy for handling category one s was left unchanged. (TV: The Middle Men)

Vera was survived by her brother, who received a phone call from Rex Matheson, expressing his condolences. (TV: End of the Road)