President Vera Fusek of Earth was kidnapped by the Daemervoids en route back to Earth from her sub-orbital jet. Taken to a mock-up of her jet in space, she underwent a mind-probe intended to reveal Earth defences. Instead, because of the Eleventh Doctor's intervention, the mind-probe picked up visuals from an in-flight movie device fitted around her neck. It showed the Earth too well defended for an invasion. (COMIC: Air Force Gone)

Weary of the Doctor's presence at first, it was only when she saw the TARDIS for herself that she made a connection with the Nixon Tapes. On that basis, she decided to trust him. (COMIC: Air Force Gone)

Not long after, President Fusek was kidnapped again. This time the Atomon used her to lure the Doctor to the headquarters of the company that had invented the Dronebots and half the robots used in the Earth Empire. (COMIC: Vengeance of the Atomon)

Behind the scenes Edit

Vera Fusek shares the name of the actress who portrayed the President of Earth in Frontier in Space.

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