Vengeance of the Atomon was a two-part Doctor Who Adventures comic strip published in 2012.

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Part one[edit | edit source]

On the eve of the Draconian Klotth'Yaar celebration, Earth President Madam Vera Fusek is kidnapped from the Earth Parliament Building by Atomon, a half-vegetated cyborg posing as an ambassador from the rim colonies. The news is seen by the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams while Amy is out shopping for clothes in a mall, just before all the robots and Dronebots turn on the shoppers.

Returning to the TARDIS, the Doctor, Rory and Amy track the Atomon to the headquarters of the company that invented the Dronebots and half the robots used in the Earth Empire. They split up to find Madam President. The Doctor has a feeling that everything is too easy. Amy and Rory are captured by the Atomon, who warns the Doctor that without his cooperation, they will be hurt.

Madam President was the bait in a trap! The Atomon is determined to take his vengeance on the Time Lords by taking over and using the Doctor's mind and body as a new vessel for the Atomon...

Part two[edit | edit source]

Amy and Rory are held in Atomon's plant-like fingers. The attempt by Atomon to take over the Doctor's body and mind is halted when Madam President Vera activates a Dronebot safety overide system (required by law in all robot manufactures). With the robotic half of Atomon temporarily weakened, the Doctor and his friends return to the TARDIS.

Inside the TARDIS, while he is building a device, the Doctor explains that the Atomon ("a whole species living as one, within a sphere of neutronic energy"), tried before to take over the universe and was stopped by his people. Tthe Time Lords split up the energy and scattered it in the time vortex. Having completed his device — a Vortex Canon — the Doctor confronts Atomon.

Instead of destroying the Atomon, he offers it what it really wants. He promises to use the canon to bring the atoms together into a single individual being. Atomon agrees and is transformed into a tall, green humanoid. The war with the Time Lords is ended.

The Doctor leaves Atomon enjoying the sunlight on his skin and under the care of Vera — who says she may one day take up the Doctor's invitation to travel with him.

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