Veltroch was the home planet of the Veltrochni.

Astronomical data[edit | edit source]

Veltroch was the second planet orbiting Fomalhaut. It was completely covered in a layer of protective clouds. Underneath these clouds were vast forests, which were somewhere between fungi and trees. The planet surface was also covered in mist. Bark-crawlers were also native to the planet. (PROSE: The Dark Path)

History[edit | edit source]

In Veltroch's early history, the inhabitants learned of the Great Old Ones. They carved their images in the caves of their planet. (PROSE: White Darkness)

In 2172, Veltroch was invaded by the Tzun Confederacy. (PROSE: First Frontier)

By the 34th century, Veltroch was a member of the Galactic Federation. (PROSE: The Dark Path)

The criminal Jack Chance once stole a priceless artefact from Veltroch. (PROSE: Mission: Impractical)

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