Vel Karneen was a famous Martian, living in the year 2400. He was renowned as the Commander of the Space Army who fought off the Dalek invasion of the solar system — first defeating their fleet over Venus (PROSE: The Secret of the Mountain) and later leading the Space Army to Skaro itself. (PROSE: Break-through!)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Vel Karneen is again mentioned within The Dalek Book, in the non-narrative Dalek Dictionary. There, Karneen is referred to as Commander of the Space Armies, rather than of the Space Army.
  • Although his military prowess and his name are consistent with "the Martian Vel Karneen" being an Ice Warrior specifically, this cannot as such be assumed to be the case for the simple reason that the Ice Warriors had not actually debuted in Doctor Who at the time of Karneen's debut.
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