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Veklin was a Time Lord Commander during the Last Great Time War.


Early life[]

Veklin attended the Time Lord Academy and had a close relationship with Apanna. (AUDIO: Assets of War)

The Doom Coalition[]

Commander Veklin and Acting Castellan Volstrom were ordered by Cardinal Ollistra to spy on the Doom Coalition, (AUDIO: Songs of Love, The Side of the Angels) with Veklin pretending to be part of the Chancellery Guard loyal to Cardinal Padrac. She helped kill temporal refugees by travelling between their ships using her Battle TARDIS. Later, she was hit by the Nine with his regen gun and arrested River Song. (AUDIO: The Crucible of Souls)

After being ordered by Padrac to secure the Eighth Doctor's TARDIS, Veklin decided to return to Ollistra and revealed her true loyalty to River Song, Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair, dematerialising with the latter two to avoid being caught by Padrac. River transported the Doctor into the TARDIS, which he took over control of from Veklin. (AUDIO: Songs of Love)

In New York City, Ollistra ordered Veklin to look after Liv and Helen. She escorted Joanie Carrington to meet the Sharpshooter before being led to the City Museum by the Monk, where the Eleven shot her and let a Weeping Angel send her back in time. Veklin bided her time for sixty years, becoming known as the Sharpshooter, before picking up where she left off and saving Liv and Helen with Joanie, who told her to let the Angels take her and to protect the city. Outside the planning office, she witnessed Ollistra's regeneration. (AUDIO: The Side of the Angels)

The Last Great Time War[]

Commander Veklin served as a special agent. (AUDIO: The Uncertain Shore)

Working with Susan[]

Veklin and Strato picked up Susan Campbell in a crumbling Battle TARDIS (AUDIO: Sphere of Influence) after she responded to a hypercube. (AUDIO: All Hands on Deck) When Daleks boarded the TARDIS Veklin and Susan escaped by jettisoning themselves aboard the console room. After they were rescued by Cardinal Rasmus, Veklin was sent to pick up Ian Chesterton to help Susan on a mission to the Sense Sphere. She travelled with him and Susan in a Diplomatic TARDIS to negotiate with the Sensorites. She was affected by the Dalek-Sensorite parasite, which increaded her paranoia to turn on Susan. She was incapcitated in time to save Susan by the Investigator. She returned to her senses and was nearly attacked by Sensorites until Susan and Ian neutralised the parasite. (AUDIO: Sphere of Influence)

Susan and Veklin were sent undercover to Florana, which was under imminent threat of Dalek invasion, to discover a Dalek agent. During their time undercover Susan taught Veklin how to paint and they devised three suspects. After discovering that one of the suspects, Monty, had been killed, she stayed with a second one, Faith, in her bar whilst Susan went to find the third, Lootsa. She discovered Faith wasn't the Dalek agent, instead belonging to the Anti-Dalek Force, and together they were caught in the invasion. The robotised Ogrons invading took her prisoner so she faked her death using her respiratory bypass system. Discovering Faith had been killed during the invasion, Veklin and Susan stunned the captive Faith and found she was shape-shifting Dalek agent. They took her back to Gallifrey. (AUDIO: The Uncertain Shore)

Rasmus sent her and Susan to Oresaia to investigate an anti-Dalek weapon, with Veklin looking up an old friend who was assigned there. When the Orrovix escaped, she tried to coordinate the evacuation. Looking through the data in the system, she realised that Rennis wasn't exactly who he said he was and after Susan discovered his role in the Orrovix's escape she wanted him to face trial, however Susan instead exiled him. (AUDIO: Assets of War)

Veklin later registered that Susan had made an unauthorised entry into her TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Shoreditch Intervention)

Dealings with the War Doctor[]

Veklin worked with the War Doctor under Commodore Tamasan's directions, (AUDIO: Consequences) forcing him to use a Battle TARDIS instead of his own to make him more controllable.

She accompanied the Doctor and Albert Brown to a Dalek harvester ship on a planet about to he destroyed by Time Lord bombardment, rescuing a failed convert whose conditioning was incomplete, Case. Escaping in their Battle TARDIS, the Doctor followed a distress signal, to her annoyance, which transpired to be a disguised Dalek harvester. Though irritated the Doctor had delivered them to a Dalek trap, Veklin went along with his plan and escaped with him and Case in an escape pod once the ship became stuck on a disastrous collision course with Tharius, using the time drive to land on the planet a day earlier. (AUDIO: Saviour)

She was frustrated by his desire to try to evacuate the population from the doomed planet and reluctantly worked with Case to pursue him to a battlefield where he froze time using an Artron generator to get Tharius' leaders' attention. She reluctantly went along with his pretence of being Tharius' legendary Warbringer, (AUDIO: Consequences) however after he froze the falling ship in time with the generator she knocked him unconcious and took him away from the city, where Tamasan came to meet them in a Battle TARDIS. They were attacked by the Dalek Observation Squad, forcing Tamasan to leave Veklin behind only for Case to come to her rescue. They explored the squad's tunnels and were captured, with the Daleks interrogating Veklin. She escaped and made contact with Tamasan to warn her of more Daleks coming to harvest Tharius before the time freeze decayed. Following Tamasan's orders she made for the generator to deactivate it, but was attacked by Daleks. She was saved by the arrival of the Doctor in a stolen Battle TARDIS and he reluctantly agreed to turn off the generator before escaping with her and Case. (AUDIO: Destroyer)

Veklin served under Cardinal Ollistra later in the War and was assigned to find the War Doctor after he used the Time Destructor to destroy the Dalek time fleet. She found him on the planet Keska but he refused to go with her. (AUDIO: The Innocent)

After the return of the Doctor to Gallifrey, she was asked by Ollistra to lead a team consisting of the Doctor, Bennus and Arverton to rescue the Time Lord strategist Seratrix. Because the Doctor does not want to be under the team, he left them and went to the Null Zone before them. Veklin, together with the remaining members of the rescue mission, followed the Doctor to Keska. (AUDIO: The Thousand Worlds) While infiltrating the citadel, Arverton died under her watch before they reached Seratrix and the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Heart of the Battle)

During the assault of the Dalek Time Strategist on Grend, Veklin, now a Commander of an entire Time Fleet, brought reinforcements for Ollistra and the War Doctor. (AUDIO: The Lady of Obsidian)

Behind the scenes[]

Veklin was credited as "Captain" for The Crucible of Souls.