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The Vault Daleks (or Crucible Daleks) were a subset of bronze Daleks unique to the New Dalek Empire possessing a specialised manipulator arm. They were charged with guarding their creator Davros in the Vault, a special chamber within their giant space station the Crucible.

Profile Edit

Like every individual Dalek of the New Dalek Empire, the Vault Daleks were created from a single cell of Davros' body. However, they differed from the other New Daleks on account of their special type of manipulator arm: a claw manipulator possessing eight pincers, to access special hardware within the Vault. They were tasked by the New Empire's leader, the Supreme Dalek, to keep watch over their creator Davros inside the Vault. (TV: The Stolen Earth/Journey's End)

History Edit

The Vault Daleks were destroyed when the Meta-Crisis Doctor caused a backfire which destroyed them, along with the Crucible and the rest of the New Dalek Empire. (TV: Journey's End)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Vault Daleks were not named during The Stolen Earth/Journey's End, but are referred to as such on the official BBC website.
  • They have also become known as "Crucible Daleks", primarily due to the toy manufacturer Character Options naming the variant in this manner as part of its range of Doctor Who 5 inch action figures.
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