A Chinese vase on which the Eleventh Doctor had Yowzah written as a signal to River Song. TV: The Angels Take Manhattan

A vase was a type of container.

Vases were also sometimes used to hit people over the head, knocking them out. When the Third Doctor was captured at Luigi Rossini's International Circus, Jo Grant freed him by smashing a vase over Tony, the strongman guarding him. (TV: Terror of the Autons) When Jamie McCrimmon was imprisoned, Zoe Heriot smashed a vase over Gorton, the prison's commandant. (TV: The War Games) When Ninani was confined to her room, she smashed a vase over the sentry guarding her. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Genesys)

On Sedna, Jeremy Fitzoliver made a misshapen vase for the Arrangers, who required that anyone seeking an audience with them had to create a work of art that met with their approval. They approved his vase because it lacked perfection. (PROSE: Sedna)

In 1987, Pete Tyler got a vase as a wedding present for Stuart Hoskins and Sarah Clark. It broke when he was struck by a car. (TV: Father's Day)

When the Eleventh Doctor and Amy had difficulty landing in 1938 New York City due to time distortions caused by the Weeping Angels, they travelled back to 221 BC China. They had the word Yowzah written on a vase, knowing that it would become valuable and be collected by Julius Grayle. River Song saw the message and sent the word via her vortex manipulator, allowing the TARDIS to lock on to the "landing lights" and materialise in Grayle's house in 1938. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

The Entity was imprisoned by the Eleventh Doctor in a special vase. Amy accidentally released it, but the Doctor was able to put it in the vase again. (GAME: TARDIS)

In 2597, Professor Uzua Jindah discovered a vase belonging to the long-dead Zulawy civilisation on the planet Wyzyn. (PROSE: The Monster and the Archaeologists)