Varlos was a former Brother of the Darksmith Collective. He was assigned the prestigious task of creating life for an undisclosed client. His masterpiece was the Eternity Crystal.

Aware of its power, he fled the Darksmiths, taking the crystal and Gisella (the "daughter" he had created) with him. He hid Gisella on Flydon Maxima for her own safety and buried the crystal on the Moon until he could find a way to destroy it. (PROSE: The Depths of Despair, The Dust of Ages)

He settled in Paris in 1895, around the same time as a time-vampire stalked the streets. At first he feared he had been found. When it turned out the vampire had followed him through the Vortex, he sought to keep it hushed up to not to draw the Darksmiths' attention.

He assumed the identity of the vampire's first kill, the much respected Baron De Guerre. Using this disguise, he worked alongside Inspector DuPont, who led the investigation.

To defeat the Vampire, he gave his own life when he drained the vampire's time-energy using his own body, a mock Eternity Crystal and Gisella. (PROSE: The Vampire of Paris)

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