Vandosians were an insectoid species that came from the planet Vandos.

History[edit | edit source]

Shogalath led a peaceful revolt that toppled the Vandos Imperium. One group of Vandosians, who believed Shogalath a monster for these actions, was exiled by Shogalath's followers.

By 2005, many years after Shogalath's death, the rogue Vandosians spent decades casting quantum runes to divine where Shogalath's spirit had been reincarnated, so that under Vandosian law, they could try and execute him for his crimes. They found his spirit had re-entered the physical plane at Peckham Hospital on 4 January, 1979 at 3:50pm, the time and place of the human, Phil Tyson's, birth.

In 2005, the Vandos Tribunal teleported Phil on board their ship, believing they had found Shogalath. Rose Tyler blew up the court with the Ninth Doctor's sonic screwdriver and she and the Doctor escaped with Phil towards the TARDIS. Believing them to be servants of Shogalath, the Vandosians sent Bailiffs after the Doctor and Rose, but they successfully boarded the TARDIS.

The TARDIS dematerialised outside the Vandosian ship; the Doctor declaring victory. The Vandosians attempted to fire at the island of Great Britain, but thanks to the Doctor's earlier meddling, it backfired, destroying the ship. (COMIC: Mr Nobody)

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