The Vandos Tribunal was a legal organisation of Vandosians, exiled from Vandos, that judged sentenced individuals through Vandosian law from their spaceship.

The rogue Vandosians believed Shogalath to be a monster who destroyed the Vandos Imperium. They used quantum runes to divine that Shogalath had "re-entered the physical plane" in the body of the human Phil Tyson at the time of Phil's birth in Peckham Hospital on 7 January 1979 at 3:50pm.

In 2005, Phil was teleported to the tribunal courtroom, where he was told he was to be executed for Shogalath's crimes. The Ninth Doctor arrived, attempting to act as defence council for Phil, and the Tribunal explained their identification of Shogalath.

Rose Tyler blew up the courtroom with the Doctor's sonic screwdriver and the Doctor, Rose and Phil escaped into the TARDIS. The Vandosians threatened to blow up the island of Great Britain, but thanks to the Doctor's earlier meddling, it backfired, destroying the ship. (COMIC: Mr Nobody)

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