Vandekirian was an ancient Gallifreyan and a contemporary of Rassilon and Omega. He was Omega's assistant and was remembered as the one who betrayed him.

Biography Edit

Historically accounts depicted that Vandekirian had sabotaged the mission on behalf of Rassilon. However, feeling guilty over his betrayal, he cut off his own hand as recompense. Omega did not accept it, and cut off his other hand, placing it in his stellar manipulator, which was later to be known as the Hand of Omega. Upon which, the Eurydice, Omega's Starbreaker, was destroyed due to Vandekirian's actions.

In his own distorted memories, Omega recalled that Vandekirian was at least partly responsible for the sabotage. He had discovered that detonating the star would jeopardise the existence of a race called the Scintillans. When he realised what would happen, his guilt caused him to destroy his own hand, since its activation required his palm print. However, Omega cut off his other hand to activate it. However, the Fifth Doctor revealed that the history with the Scintillans was a corruption of his own memories, over the guilt of accidentally killing the race himself, and incorporated it to reconcile his reasons for Vandekirian's betrayal. The Doctor hypothesised that Vandekirian had either sabotaged the mission on behalf of Rassilon, or he had just succumbed to madness. (AUDIO: Omega)

Rassilon used the example of Omega and Vandekirian when speaking of the infighting of the Dark Days. (AUDIO: Assassins)

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