Van Helsing

Van Helsing was a fictional character who wielded a crucifix, possibly to defend against vampires. (PROSE: The Deadstone Memorial)

The Third Doctor identified film actor Peter Cushing as "that splendid chap Van Helsing", (PROSE: A Visit to the Cinema) which was probably the role in which he used a crucifix. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows)

In 1942, Van Helsing ventured to the Hebrides and discovered Frankenstein's monster encased in ice. He returned to Great Britain, taking the frozen monster with him. During the train ride to London, Van Helsing sat in the same compartment as Professor Challenger. The Eighth Doctor and Char briefly encountered the adventurers during the journey. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

When the verger wielded a mallet and wooden stake, he thought of himself like Van Helsing. (PROSE: Iris Wildthyme and the Unholy Ghost)

Iris Wildthyme once held a party in Hobbe's End in 1972 which Van Helsing attended. (PROSE: From Wildthyme with Love)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

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