Valentine Bregman was an ambulance crewman and War protester who worked in a town affected by the War. He wore a set of unmarked dog-tags over his uniform, and often worked nights with Coz.

Valentine first heard of Faction Paradox during Demonstration Day in 2001. He abandoned his post to obtain Red Uranium from the Black Man and finish assembling an atomic bomb which he intended to use to destroy the Ship. He believed that this would provide a shock to human culture which would make them take the War seriously and lead to a better world.

During this quest, he fought two Dogs, exposed himself to lethal radiation, and met with Inangela and Horror. Eventually, he was convinced that detonating his bomb would not have the beneficial effect he'd intended, but by this point he was too late and it detonated anyway, leaving him a wanted man. (PROSE: This Town Will Never Let Us Go)

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