The Valdigians were, according to the Fifth Doctor, "one of your more civilised insect-like species".

Biology Edit

The Valdigians had wings and multiple pairs of arms. (AUDIO: The Judgement of Isskar)

Culture and law Edit

On the ring world of Safeplace, Wembik claimed that due to "everything" being plentiful, "we don't need kings any more". Nonetheless, kings remained among the Valdigians as a ceremonial position. Their law stated that kings could only rule from the age of 23. Until that point, a provisional government kept the peace and only got involved when it had to.

Because the Valdigians neither wanted nor needed leadership, they elected children to be king, under the agreement that they stepped down at the age of 22. In return, they received a "generous" pension. Due to this, kings never ruled and the species only had a government as was "absolutely necessary". (AUDIO: The Judgement of Isskar)

History Edit

After a galactic war, Valdigian refugees settled on Safeplace, where their descendants remained. They used a castle, actually a segment of the Key to Time, to settle discussions and to negotiate. There were tensions between Lady Mesca and Wembik over who would succeed the position. According to Wembik, she didn't mind whether or not her son took the role, so long as it wasn't Mesca's who did. Under the influence of Zara, Wembik poisoned Mesca. The Fifth Doctor found an anti-venom to treat the poison and Mesca recovered.

When Ice Warriors arrived at the castle, searching for the segment, the Valdigians fought back. As the Ice Warriors retreated, barricades were set up around the castle. Amy worked out a compromise between Mesca and Wembik — they agreed to be married to one another, so that whoever's son became king, he would also be the son of the other one.

When Isskar was sent in to talk with the Doctor, Zara had turned the segment back into a crystal, trapping everyone inside. Realising the castle was the next segment, Zara turned the segment into a crystal, trapping the Valdigians inside. Amy, having received the segment in her battle with Zara, turned the segment back into a castle, allowing the Valdigians to escape before it was returned to its crystal state again. (AUDIO: The Judgement of Isskar)

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