You may be looking for a list of Doctor Who releases on VHS.

A VHS cassette, also known simply as video, (PROSE: What I Did on My Christmas Holiday by Sally Sparrow) was a television recording method used by humans in the 20th century. It was distinct from Betamax.

Before she began travelling with the Eighth Doctor, Izzy Sinclair often watched Star Trek: The Next Generation on VHS. (AUDIO: Izzy's Story)

Donna and Blake once watched Raiders of the Lost Ark on VHS. (PROSE: Remain in Light)

The Twelfth Doctor owned a recording of what he called "the Daleks' master plan" on VHS, which the Doctor was certain the Daleks would like back. It was found by Captain Archibald Lethbridge-Stewart inside the Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS, who did not recognise the technology. (PROSE: Twice Upon a Time)

In the 2070s, the Poodles used cassette tapes in another unusual resemblance to 20th century Earth society. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

In 2600, Bernice Summerfield obtained two episodes of Blake's 7 on VHS for Gavin Oliver Scott. (PROSE: The Least Important Man)

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