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VHS cassette
You may be looking for a list of Doctor Who releases on VHS.

A VHS cassette, also known simply as video, (PROSE: What I Did on My Christmas Holiday by Sally Sparrow) was a television recording method used by humans in the 20th century. It was distinct from Betamax.

Lucie Miller protested to the mind of Ares being transferred into the body of Tayden, arguing "He'll wipe you like an old video!" (AUDIO: Immortal Beloved)

Before she began travelling with the Eighth Doctor, Izzy Sinclair often watched Star Trek: The Next Generation on VHS. (AUDIO: Izzy's Story)

Giles owner a Doctor X VHS. (WC: Varunastra)

Donna and Blake once watched Raiders of the Lost Ark on VHS. (PROSE: Remain in Light)

The Twelfth Doctor owned a recording of what he called "the Daleks' master plan" on VHS, which the Doctor was certain the Daleks would like back. It was found by Captain Archibald Lethbridge-Stewart inside the Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS, who did not recognise the technology. (PROSE: Twice Upon a Time)

In the 2070s, the Poodles used cassette tapes in another unusual resemblance to 20th century Earth society. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

In 2600, Bernice Summerfield obtained two episodes of Blake's 7 on VHS for Gavin Oliver Scott. (PROSE: The Least Important Man)

The Doctor kept a VHS cassette of Anyone but Me in a spare room of his TARDIS. When the Master found himself in the room, the TARDIS ejected it from itself into the Time Vortex. When the Master found the VHS, he captured the child of a Vormatoda and fashioned its human disguise, Alison, after the film's protagonist. When the Master later found himself in alliance with River Song, she found the VHS and deduced the Master's scheme. After reuniting Alison with her mother and defeating the Master, River claimed the cassette for herself. (AUDIO: The Lifeboat and the Deathboat)