A "doodlebug", shown on the Master's wrist-monitor. (TV: The Time Monster)

V1 flying bombs were used by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. The flying bombs, also called buzz-bombs or doodlebugs, were robotic planes that destroyed large chunks of London. (PROSE: The Time Monster)

On Christmas Eve 1942, Generalmajor Oskar Steinmann, who had been recruited to aid in the creation of Wunderwaffen, watched the first test of the V1 flying bomb at Peenemünde alongside a teenage Unteroffizier. The Unteroffizier was convinced that the weapon would strike fear into Germany's enemies and was the only hope left of defeating Britain. However, Steinman, who had read about the future of the war in Bernice Summerfield's diary, claimed it was just a psychological weapon. Despite the rocket being a great achievement, he knew it would not help Germany win the war. (PROSE: Just War)

By 1944, V1s were used alongside the newer V2 rocket. (PROSE: Illegal Alien) Young Barbara Wright was evacuated to the countryside during these attacks after she was burned by V1 wreckage in her street which left a scar on her back. (PROSE: Nothing at the End of the Lane)

In 1944, a doodlebug exploded on a road near Wootton. Using TOMTIT, the Master brought it forwards in time to destroy a UNIT convoy that was transporting the Third Doctor's TARDIS. (TV: The Time Monster)

The Seventh Doctor reflected that, having endured the V1 and V2 attacks, the city of London remained mostly intact until the 22nd century Dalek invasion. (PROSE: Illegal Alien)

The Royal Air Force later bombed the site at Peenemünde. (PROSE: Schädengeist's First Love) When the Allies invaded Germany in 1945, (PROSE: Made of Steel) the remaining site were overrun. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus)

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