Uvodni warships were built by the Uvodni for their centuries-long crusade against the Malakh. When an armistice was agreed in 1998, the Uvodni Emperor sent a holographic message ordering the Imperial Fleet to return home. One warship, manned by General Uvlavad Kudlak, remained recruiting children from Earth for the war for another ten years, having had the truth of the wars' end hidden from him by the Mistress.

When General Kudlak kidnapped the children who got through to Level 2 in Combat 3000, they ended up on the warship. The warship had a shuttlecraft to either escape in a dire emergency or travel away. The ship also had crates to hold the prisoners and powerful teleport links with Earth. The ships were patrolled by Kudlak soldiers armed with blasters whilst the Mistress was situated at the bridge of the ship. The warships travelled at great speeds. (TV: Warriors of Kudlak)