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Utah was a state in the United States of America.


While searching for the Silence in 1969, Amy Pond faked her death when she was "shot" by Canton Everett Delaware III in the Utah desert. (TV: Day of the Moon)

In the 1970s, Jo Grant watched a BBC3 documentary about a cult in Utah, which "gave [her] the creeps." (AUDIO: The Many Deaths of Jo Grant)

The Eleventh Doctor, Amy, Rory Williams and River Song were reunited on 22 April 2011 after receiving TARDIS blue envelopes along with Canton. A few minutes afterwards, a Teselecta double of the Doctor was shot by a past version of River. The Doctor's companions burned his "body" in the lake on a boat with the gasoline provided by an old Canton Delaware, which "barely singed" the vehicle. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut, The Wedding of River Song)

In 2012, Henry van Statten's vault, containing a Dalek, was in Utah, near Salt Lake City. (TV: Dalek)

Other references[]

The Tenth Doctor cited "Dalek pods in Utah" as an example of "non-terrestrial junk". (PROSE: Peacemaker)

Behind the scenes[]