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Large spacing[edit source]

Please do not add large amount of spacing in the articles. Thank You. --Bigshowbower 12:50, December 25, 2009 (UTC)

Plot on novel pages[edit source]

Hi, plot does not form a part of the layout of novel artuicles, see Tardis:Format for Novels.

Additionally, please do not copy summaries such as those on the Doctor Who Reference Guide onto this wiki, this is considered plagiarism. Thanks. --Tangerineduel 15:57, February 18, 2010 (UTC)

Semi-protect[edit source]

Adding the semi-protect (as you did when creating the Series 6 page) does nothing. The tag is just for illustration purposes for the articles that have semi-protection added to them (which needs to be done by admins). Thanks. --Tangerineduel 15:32, March 7, 2010 (UTC)

Flutterbird[edit source]

Hey, thanks for starting a new article on flutterbirds. It's great to have obscure info like that. But i notice you've cited a specific issue of DWA for that, which is a little vague. Are you saying it comes from a non-fiction prose article within the magazine, or that it comes from the comic strip? If it's the former, you should cite the article it comes from in a more formal way, like this:

<ref>Author name, if known.  "Article Name".  ''[[DWA Issue 151|''Doctor Who Adventures'' #151]].  Page number.  Date.</ref>

and then at the bottom of the article, add:


If it comes from the comic strip then you should cite it somewhat like you've done, in parentheses following the last word of the point you're trying to make for which the reference is valid: In the case of this short article, you'd keep it just where it currently is, but use this format instead: (COMIC: "Name of story"). Note that this would also apply if the flutterbirds came from a prose fiction story, but I'm not sure if DWAM run those. CzechOut | 17:57, March 7, 2010 (UTC)

My own Doctor Who Wiki[edit source]

Hi, since I've been gone for a while, I've come back and made up a thought that I am going to create a Doctor Who Wiki about Series 5 and if you'd like to edit. Or if you don't want to, that's fine. I'll tell you once it's ready! --Trikster87 16:56, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

It's not copyright, it's my own and I'm offering you to come and edit but you don't have to. --Trikster87 17:37, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

Template case[edit source]

Hi, when creating template make sure everything (aside from names) is lower case. For instance 'Korven Stories' should be 'Korven stories'. I've moved the template to correct this. Thanks. --Tangerineduel 17:32, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

Jixen Page[edit source]

Don't revert pages unless you have a good reason. The original page was poorly written and didn't follow the manual of style. Specifically:

  1. It didn't use proper citations for episodes.
  2. The episodes use the same prefix, so there's no reason to repeat it in the infobox.
  3. The Life Cycle section is for species which have complex life cycles, like the Wirrn. If it's just a single line about lifespan, add it to the biology section.
  4. Speculation on the Jixen reoccurring isn't needed and saying they're the second "most major" isn't important (especially if the Korven and CCPCs are apparently both "most major").
  5. If there's no external links, don't add an external link section.
  6. The category:species is a vague super-category. If the Jixen fit in a sub-category (which they do), you don't add them to the Races and species category. -<Azes13 14:33, May 15, 2010 (UTC)

Oroborus article[edit source]

Hiya again :) Thanks for starting the Oroborus page — and indeed all your work on pages related to TV. Please remember, however, that, as an in-universe article, Oroborus is bound by the Point of view policy, which principally means that the article should be written in the past tense. I edited this one for you, but if you could remember to write in the past tense, it'd be very helpful. :) CzechOut | 15:45, May 18, 2010 (UTC)

The Pandorica Opens[edit source]

Please stop adding in categories on the pages of those that did not appear. Weevils were seen and pictured on set, but did not appear on screen so are not listed as so. And the Slitheen were mentioned, not raxicorricofallapitorians. Thank-you. The Thirteenth Doctor 21:25, June 19, 2010 (UTC)

Copying events[edit source]

I've notice that with a few pages, you've just copied and pasted what happened to certain characters from one page to another, such as Churchill and Bracewell's pages. Please don't do this in future as each page should be written individually and not contain the exact same wordings of events. The Thirteenth Doctor 13:14, June 20, 2010 (UTC)

Spoilers[edit source]

Please don't add spoilers to main article pages as you did on the Eleventh Doctor's page. Even adding in the nav-bars for future appearances in SJA is considered spoilers, so please don't do so. Thank-you. The Thirteenth Doctor 12:54, June 27, 2010 (UTC)

Tense[edit source]

Thanks for sorting out the tense on the Richard Mace article. I made a mess.--Skittles the hog 21:09, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

You're Welcome. --MrThermomanPreacher 21:15, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

K9 TV series[edit source]

Hey, how do you watch the K9 TV series. Is it online? Or are you able to watch it on TV? I'd like to watch it so I was wondering if there was any way to do so. The Thirteenth Doctor 09:55, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

I watch it on Youtube, the first 21 episodes are on it and i expect the remainder will be uploaded soon. MrThermomanPreacher 09:58, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

Categories[edit source]

Hi, when creating categories please make sure they're lower case Category:Bounty Hunters should be Category:Bounty hunters. Thanks. --Tangerineduel 06:16, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

Just wondering why you removed the categories on the Doctor Who title cards page? --Tangerineduel 11:32, October 10, 2010 (UTC)
You didn't see comparison between your edit and the previous edit, there were no categories on the page, I've added the title card category and removed the ones I edited before. --Tangerineduel 12:05, October 10, 2010 (UTC)

References[edit source]

When you put in a reference can you put it like <ref>web address</ref>. It makes it page look neater and it should be like that as per the Manual of Style. Cheers. Mini-mitch 17:10, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

Headings[edit source]

"Profile" is not a heading. Do not use it, substitute it with things like Biography, History, Biology etc.--Skittles the hog 13:44, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

Battles in Time info[edit source]

Thanks for updating the Battles in Time information with the new species that batled the Daleks, its proving an interesting read. Revanvolatrelundar 19:56, December 9, 2010 (UTC)

Your input is needed!

You are invited to join the discussion at Forum:Moving the tables of content to the right.

Change to your user page[edit source]

I just realized that I changed your user page by mistake. I was trying to categorize some pages that existed only in un-created categories, and your user page, for reasons I'm not quite sure, was in an uncreated cat called Infobox templates. I switched it for a couple that seemed appropriate to what was on the page. If you don't like this change, obviously feel free to revert. I'd revert it myself, but I'm not sure if you were genuinely trying to put your user page into a valid template cat or not. If you were, those two would be appropriate. CzechOut | 09:11, January 4, 2011 (UTC)

Hi again. Yanno, I was actually wrong, above, to have put the page into "real" categories. Turns out it's a violation of tardis:user page policy to put your user page in categories that make it appear as though it's a "real" article. This includes putting your user page into categories for templates. It makes it harder to do maintenance on the template categories if they include pages not in the template namespace. Template categories are only for those pages in the template namespace — e.g. those pages that begin with template:. User pages can only be intentionally categorized in categories that are relative to the user: namespace, such as Category:User en. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi.[edit source]

Just saying Hi, Mr.ThermomanPreacher. And by the way, it was me who said 'You are on both Primeval Wiki and Doctor Who Wiki' on the Primeval Wiki. From 17:42, January 22, 2011 (UTC)

Sentence case[edit source]

Please note all heading should be in sentence case. This is part of the MOS. Thanks. Mini-mitch 18:35, February 1, 2011 (UTC)

Paradox Lost[edit source]

Hey, just wanted to tell you why I deleted your work at Paradox Lost. This page has been created and deleted several times now, and it's never improved the quality of its info. The main rule it offends is tardis:spoiler policy, which holds that it's just too soon to put this article up yet. I know there are a lot of story pages here which don't have much more information. The difference here is that there can't be any information yet (because the story is months away from release), whereas other empty pages relate to stories long since published. The former we don't keep; the latter we do. This deletion in no way reflects upon you or your contributions, and is purely administrative. Please don't take it personally.

Your input is needed!

You are invited to join the discussion at Forum:Should novels & audio stories have a plot description?. --Tangerineduel / talk 14:38, March 23, 2011 (UTC)

Your input is needed!

You are invited to join the discussion at Forum:Aliens and enemies templates: the final battle.
czechout   23:22:10 Fri 01 Apr 2011 

Vandal.[edit source]

I come from the Mass Effect wiki with a warning. Their was a vandal that originated from our wiki(as far as we know) and has done over 500 vandalism edits, he has also moved to atleast eight different wikis including the Call of duty wiki, World of warcraft wiki, and the L.A. Noire wiki. If you see a guy by the name of lancer or spithog98, thats probably him(just so you know this guy mimics other users, there is a real Lancer by the name of Lancer1289, you can contact him here for more information. I am going to stay here and help monitor this wiki until I can determin that he wont come here or he has been stoped.Legionwrex 23:06, April 30, 2011 (UTC)

Avoid over-captialization[edit source]

Hey, thanks for creating a whole flurry of articles lately. One thing, though. If you're creating an article about an unknown person, please take care to avoid over-capitalization. Take, for example, Delivery Man. "Man" isn't the guy's last name. It should be possible to link directly to the completely uncapitalized, ordinary noun delivery man. We shouldn't be forced to type

[[Delivery Man|delivery man]]

just to be gramatically/stylistically correct. Yes, in cast listings we do want to reflect the typography we see on the screen. So if we see "Delivery Man" in the credits, we'd list in that way in our cast list. But the actual article itself would be "Delivery man". (Technically, too, people with ordinary titles should be "future-proofed" by adding disambig afterwards, like delivery man (Tardisode 7). That way, when another delivery man shows up in the credits of some future episode — and he will — we don't have to go back and unlink this one.)

Again, thanks for continuing to edit here, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
czechout   18:17:59 Thu 19 May 2011 

Your input is needed!

You are invited to join the discussion at Forum:A few changes?. Mini-mitch\talk 17:41, June 10, 2011 (UTC)

Images[edit source]

Please ensure that you remove black borderlines when you upload images. Thanks----Skittles the hog--Talk 17:41, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

Your input is needed!

You are invited to join the discussion at Forum:Years - Separate pages or Century pages. Mini-mitch\talk 14:51, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

Minimum standards for articles about production personnel[edit source]

Heya :) Thanks for adding in new pages for behind-the-scenes personnel! Coupla points, though. All real world personnel articles must:

  • start with {{real world}}
  • contain an external link to their IMDB page (using {{imdb name}}), except for those very few people who don't have an IMDB page
  • contain {{NameSort}}, so that the page is automatically sorted by surname in categories
  • have a list of the specific episodes/serials they worked on. While a crew member's series is in transmission, as with Miracle Day, you may say that they "worked on Torchwood: Miracle Day", but you should leave behind {{TV crew stub}} to alert readers that the article is at a very early stage of development.

You may find it easier to use the preloadable formats, rather than building a page from scratch, because the preloadables have the minimum structure already in place.

To retrofit an IMDB listing onto a page without one, just use the {{imdb name}} template.

Thanks again for your efforts, and if you need additional help, please don't hesitate to ask.
czechout   16:04:38 Wed 27 Jul 2011 

In your recent round of page creations for Escape to LA, I thank you for using {{real world}} and the especially valuable {{NameSort}}. However, I must again ask you to please take the 30 additional seconds necessary to include a link to the person's IMDb page with {{imdb name}}. Also, if you're going to do no more than give a person's role in TW, please use {{TV cast stub}} or {{TV crew stub}} so that it's clear to other users which cast and crew articles need expansion.
As always, thanks for your continued edits here.
czechout   16:17:16 Sun 31 Jul 2011 

Why create talk pages?[edit source]

Why are you creating talk pages with nothing on them? --Tangerineduel / talk 13:12, August 3, 2011 (UTC)

Because, it implies that because the talk page is active there's a discussion happening. Instead...there's nothing. The fact that a discussion page exists says to anyone looking that there's something that needs to be discussed. And if there is something that needs to be discussed, relating to all those templates the forum would be a better place to start a discussion relating to so many templates. --Tangerineduel / talk 13:21, August 3, 2011 (UTC)

Past tense[edit source]

Just a reminder, all pages, including timeline pages must be written in the past tense, see Tardis:Manual of Style#Tense. Thanks. --Tangerineduel / talk 14:48, August 6, 2011 (UTC)

Your input is needed!

You are invited to join the discussion at Forum:Alienation of new and IP users. MM/Want to talk? 20:37, August 9, 2011 (UTC)

Your input is needed!

You are invited to join the discussion at Forum:A second look at wiki achivements.
czechout   17:11:53 Mon 22 Aug 2011 

City of the Damned characters[edit source]

Thanks for adding pages for the City of the Damned characters. Could you do me a favour, though, and please move any which have simple adjectival names to Name (City of the Damned)and don't leave a redirect behind. They're such ordinary, common words we don't want people accidentally linking to them. Chances are, they'll be linked nowhere but ZEPO and COTD pages. We don't want people getting a valid blue link and/or pulling up a page in a search by entering a common word or phrase. So, please move silly, mournful, humble, nervous, Slightly Angry, Very Angry, Need-to-Know, Will-to-Live and daft. Big Hate can remain un-disambiguated cause that's not really a common phrase. Thanks!
czechout   15:06:54 Fri 26 Aug 2011 

EastEnders and all that[edit source]

Hey, nice work with the Dimensions in Time pages, but could you go back and make sure the gender is correct in each of the "behind the scenes" notes as some of them currently say "he" on pages about females. Could you also add in-line references, so (TV: Dimensions in Time), at the end of the sentences. Thanks

Your input is needed!

You are invited to join the discussion at Forum:Page Creation time. MM/Want to talk? 22:27, October 1, 2011 (UTC)

boron[edit source]

I'm hiding in your toilets, waiting for your kids to take a crap and then see their vag/penis Bootervloot talk to me 17:47, October 4, 2011 (UTC)

This user has been blocked for a year because of this message. If you would like to remove it, and I could quite understand how you might, you have permission to do so, user page policy notwithstanding.
czechout   14:48: Sun 16 Oct 2011 

Timeline pages[edit source]

Hey, thanks for your work starting new timeline pages. Please remember, though, that a year must actually be mentioned before you can start it. You can't start a year page if you have to qualify the existence of the year by saying "around <year>" or "circa <year>", and leave it at that. We need a specific mention of a year, or a rationale based on solid calculation to start a year page.

For instance, if the story is definitely set in 4050 and a character named Jason Blah tells a tale of something that happened "twenty years ago", we can start an article for 4030 with the language, "According to Jason Blah, 4030 was the year in which <something happened>".

A particular danger with timeline pages is going to some other DW reference site, and using their dating without verifying how they got that year. A good rule of thumb is, if you don't have the book/episode/comic story in front of you, don't create a timeline page. DW timeline pages are notoriously subjective. Everyone wants to create the perfect DW timeline, and they'll do whatever it takes to try to make one with as many entries as possible. Frequently, this means that they've added some level of conjecture. We cannot accept someone else's word on the timeline. You can use one to trigger a bit of research — it's fine if another person's website sends you in the direction of a book — but it cannot be used as a sole sources, as a fan website is not a valid source.

I've deleted a few of your new page creations today. It would be really helpful to me if you could go to any year pages you may have created without reference to the primary source — or any pages that use the language "circa", "about" or "around" — and put the tag {{delete}} on it. Thanks :)
czechout   14:48: Sun 16 Oct 2011 

An Isomorphic Question[edit source]

Hello. I just wondered if anyone could answer my question on Doctor Who:

In the episode A Christmas Carol the Doctor said there was no such thing as Isomorphic controls, but in the episode The Sound of Drums he clearly saw the master use an Isomorphic Laser Screwdriver??

Can someone leave the answer on my Talk Page.

Oliver 18:17, October 18, 2011 (UTC)

Vandal blocked[edit source]

The vandal who created that... unpleasantly named page has been blocked and the page has been deleted. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. --Revan\Talk 17:04, October 22, 2011 (UTC)

Body part articles[edit source]

Please stop creating articles about body parts for the time being. I've opened a prop delete discussion at head, and we should have a bit of a natter before other similar articles are created. Yes, heads exist in the DWU, but have they ever actually been defined? That's the real problem in creating an article about a ubiquitous thing.
czechout   22:41: Sat 22 Oct 2011 

DWBIT sourcing[edit source]

Oh, so you're the guy who does this! What in the world does the reference DWBIT 39 mean, as at 3667 and 3682? You need to include a story name, please. It's like giving a reference to a point about Beep the Meep as (DWM 19) rather than (DWM: The Star Beast)

I know you don't normally respond to me on my talk page, but could you please make an exception in this case? I've never understood what these little (DWBIT #xx) refs are, and I'm very curious about them.
czechout   21:36: Sun 23 Oct 2011 

Ahhhhh. Well, then you can't use it as the sole source of an in-universe article, like a year page. Non-narrative sources cannot be the only basis for an in-universe article, per T:CANON. They can be used to supplement things, so you could mention it on, say, Dalek, in the behind-the-scenes section. But you can't include it within the in-universe section of an article, or use it as the basis for an in-universe article.
czechout   21:44: Sun 23 Oct 2011 

Your input is needed!

You are invited to join the discussion at Forum:What makes a rumour?. MM/Want to talk? 17:43, October 28, 2011 (UTC)

Decade pages[edit source]

Please immediately stop creating empty decade pages. It has been a long-held goal of this wiki, with discussions available for your perusal in several threads (typically all containing the keyword "timeline"), to rid the database of precisely these kind of useless pages. You must have either a definite occurrence of a reference to the decade, or something meaningful to say about the decade (backed up, obviously, by narrative citation), for such pages to be created.

Timeline pages absolutely may not consist of simply a list of other dates.

Thanks for your help in trying to create timeline pages, but please remember that the goal is not just to have a page for every year, decade and century in existence. Timeline pages are still part of the normal article space, and the normal guidelines apply to them. Chief amongst the guidelines is that there must be DWU narrative mention or specific real world relevance of all topics on the wiki. If you have any questions about this, please ask them on my talk page.
czechout   18:16: Sat 29 Oct 2011 

Nope. The presence of a year is not sufficient cause for the creation of a decade page, nor is the presence of a year sufficient cause for the creation of a century page, and so on. There was a time where that was sporadically done on the wiki, but after a lot of effort, we got rid of those type of pages.
See, we used to have a ton of pages that said nothing. In fact, if we allowed the sort of thing you were trying to do, we'd have 2011 pages starting from the page 0, which would be a disastrous waste of time and effort. Yes, a numbering system obviously implies the existence of the "bits in between", but we need for our pages to actually have meaning. A redlink means that nothing happened in that year — or that we haven't yet discovered if something happened in that year/decade/century. And that's a valuable thing for our readers to see. It's better that they see a gap than that they see a largely "false" blue link.
Finally, {{timeline}} obviates your list of years the decade. Basically you were just creating pages that said the same thing twice. There's never a need to create a list of dates so long as you're using {{timeline}}.
It is completely sufficient for most decades to be represented by category pages, not pages in the main namespace. So, category:2380s is fine and even necessary; 2380s is not, unless there's a positive narrative reference to it.
For these reasons, your decade pages are being deleted by automatic process.
czechout   18:40: Sat 29 Oct 2011 

Your input is needed!

You are invited to join the discussion at Forum:Can we disable visual editor please?.

czechout   20:20: Tue 20 Dec 2011 

1849[edit source]

Is 1849 specifically mentioned in The True and Indisputable Facts in the Matter of the Ram's Skull, or are you extrapolating based on real world end of Edgar Allan Poe's life?
czechout   20:24: Sun 25 Dec 2011 

Per T:CAN, REF works are secondary sources. They may not be used as the sole source behind an in-universe article. You've given the source of The True and Indisputable Facts in the Matter of the Ram's Skull, but really it's The Discontinuity Guide. You've plainly misrepresented the source. The article will therefore be deleted. Please use only the stories themselves for in-universe articles. REF sources are only valid as behind the scenes notes.
czechout   03:05: Mon 26 Dec 2011 

Specify incarnations please[edit source]

In your newly-created article, 1624, you pipe switched the incarnation of the Doctor. Please remember that, according to T:DOCTORS, [[Eighth Doctor]] is preferred over [[Eighth Doctor|the Doctor]]. Thanks :)
czechout   16:51: Sat 14 Jan 2012 

Your input is needed!

You are invited to join the discussion at Forum:Reference books - what do we cover?. --Tangerineduel / talk 14:21, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

Romana[edit source]

Please note that T:ROMANA requires you to link to the specific incarnation of Romana and to display that incarnation number. So in future, please use [[Romana II]], not [[Romana II|Romana]]. Thanks :)
czechout   21:05: Fri 23 Mar 2012 

Audio stories[edit source]

Hi, I was just looking at the layout of Destination: Nerva and back at the history (I know it was back August last year that you created it). Anyways, when creating pages for audio stories the format of the subheadings is marginally different from TV stories. It goes - Publisher's summary, Plot, Cast, References, Notes, Continuity, External links. For more information on the layout see Tardis:Format for audio stories. --Tangerineduel / talk 14:39, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

Image links[edit source]

Hi :) Thanks for trying to create a template which provided a link to an image category. I changed and locked your version, however, so I wanted to tell you why. For reasons of design integrity, we want the links used for character image categories to be the same as the links used on TV story pages. We also want the template to function in a way that's easy to understand. If at all possible it should work on the majority of pages simply by using the template name.

For these reasons, your template {{Imagecat}} has been rather radically altered, and is now at {{ImageLink}}. Please see the documentation there for further information. {{Imagecat}} is being stripped from pages and will likely be deleted by the time you read this.
czechout   00:36: Mon 09 Jul 2012 

Merge tags[edit source]

Hi. When using the merge tags add them to one article. Not both. Because when merging we need to know which article to merge into the other. With for example Navigational Officer and Navigation Officer there is nothing on the pages (or the talk page) to suggest which to merge into the other. Thanks. --Tangerineduel / talk 05:19, September 6, 2012 (UTC)

Source check[edit source]

Please give your source for the actual names Ten-Six-Five and Ten-Six-Six. If it's in Doomsday, please give a time code, cause I can't find it. Thanks :)
czechout    16:54: Wed 30 Jan 2013

Sorry, could you be a bit more specific? Which confrontation? Can you give me an approximate time code or more precise locational information, please?
czechout    22:49: Wed 30 Jan 2013
Transcripts don't count for us. You should know that by now. :) Anyway, thanks for being more specific. I was able to find it. No wonder I didn't find it; it was well before they're actually in open dialogue with the Daleks. I think I was thrown, too, because the they make a big point of not self-identifying to the Daleks during the scene you described.
czechout    23:08: Wed 30 Jan 2013

Spine[edit source]

Nice one, really. That was an awesome edit. ComicBookGoddess 02:27, March 9, 2013 (UTC)

User page blanked[edit source]

I blanked your user page today because it was wholly broken by unclosed div tags, and because it contained a number of redlinked files, inimical to maintenance of Special:WantedFiles and other similar reports. I blanked it to stop new users from freaking out if they come to your page. Please conduct experiments on sandboxes, where new users are less likely to arrive. You have a lot of edits with us, and people inevitably click on your name in history reports. Newbies simply can't be greeted by the broken mess that was your user page.
czechout    02:44: Fri 26 Apr 2013

Hezrah[edit source]

Hi! I noticed that you were the page creator of Hezrah and the one who labelled it a planet. I get the impression from the story that it is more of a city, specifically because of the following two quotes:

  • "It was a two-mile march to the Sanctuary of Stars in the very centre of Hezrah."
  • The Sanctuary of Stars dominated Hezrah's skyline."

Could you explain your reasoning for labelling it a planet? Thanks! Shambala108 05:50, June 6, 2013 (UTC)

K9 cast[edit source]

Since this diff indicates you were the one who added the cast to Dream-Eaters, and your name is all over the K9 TV story pages, I'm gonna assume that you are largely the source of cast information for that series. The thing I can't work out is where you're getting your info. As broadcast, K9 stories barely had any cast information beyond the regular/recurring cast and stunt performers playing the CCPC, and maybe the single most important member of the guest cast. There's nothing like the list you gave at Dream-Eaters in the as-broadcast end credits. So what's your source?
czechout    17:30: Sat 08 Jun 2013

I'm looking at the end credits to Dream-Eaters right now and there's only two names in the end credits. I've randomly pulled a few other episodes, looking at copies from both Net10 and Disney XD transmissions, and none of them have anything more than recurring characters, the principle guest star, and the CCCP stunt people. Were you looking at a DVD copy? Oh, and I'm not talking about extras necessarily. I'm talking about people with lines. To give specifics, the only people I can source on Dream Eaters are:
That's it. Seven people. And yet you've got a whopping 36 names on the list. So where'd they come from? Are they DVD credits?
czechout    19:33: Sat 08 Jun 2013
Wow, that's crazy. I'm looking now at the Net10 TX and you're absolutely right. I wonder what kinda legal magic allowed Disney to truncate the cast list like that. Okay, well, thanks for answering. This is gonna change our policies a bit.
czechout    19:58: Sat 08 Jun 2013

Christmas cheer[edit source]

Happy holidays!

As this fiftieth anniversary year comes to a close, we here at Tardis just want to thank you for being a part of our community — even if you haven't edited here in a while. If you have edited with us this year, then thanks for all your hard work.

This year has seen an impressive amount of growth. We've added about 11,000 pages this year, which is frankly incredible for a wiki this big. November was predictably one of the busiest months we've ever had: over 500 unique editors pitched in. It was the highest number of editors in wiki history for a year in which only one programme in the DWU was active. And our viewing stats have been through the roof. We've averaged well over 2 million page views each week for the last two months, with some weeks seeing over 4 million views!

We've received an unprecedented level of support from Wikia Staff, resulting in all sorts of new goodies and productive new relationships. And we've recently decided to lift almost every block we've ever made so as to allow most everyone a second chance to be part of our community.

2014 promises to build on this year's foundations, especially since we've got a full, unbroken series coming up — something that hasn't happened since 2011. We hope you'll stick with us — or return to the Tardis — so that you can be a part of the fun!


TDW[edit source]

It's great that you want to start pages on individual TDW episodes. However, I urge you to stop. We need to think about a format for these pages first before we continue creating them. They should not use the documentary format, because they're not documentaries. A whole new format and infobox news to be created so that the pages can be created quickly and accurate.

Please stop creating these pages. A format will be created in due course. We've done without these pages for five years; a little longer won't kill us.

You are of course welcome to create a sample sandbox page where you work up your idea of how the pages should go. But please don't continue creating pages by forcing a square peg into a round hole.
czechout    20:25: Sun 12 Jan 2014

No, they shouldn't be viewed as "like" anything else. A whole new format needs to be developed. They have a rhythm all their own. Indeed, there's a format for series 1 and a format for series 2, really. We need to have sections that correspond to the segments in each series. Once that's resolved, we can then go on to create an infobox that pulls highlights out.
czechout    20:54: Sun 12 Jan 2014

Blocked from zubat wiki[edit source]

Please, give me another chance, Im pegging ya, and I have your word as a sailor (B-Fighterfan 21:28, May 16, 2014 (UTC))

I got a better one for you, please do yourself and all of us a favor and accept the fact that you're not welcome on our hub anymore. COntinuing to harass us like you are is only going to get you globally blocked from all of Wikia. Your blocks will NEVER be undone. It is time you found something more productive to do with your time than harass our admins for another chance that you will NOT be given. We've told you that I don't know how many times now.  Nbajammer  Talk  RW  KR  MH  Toku  Kikaider  UM  GZ  TokuFanon  BS  SH  FF  SO  23:26,5/16/2014 

The Witch's Familiar[edit source]

According to T:OFF REL, you can't add info about new episodes until the top of the hour after they air. The Witch's Familiar finished at 8.30pm, so we can't edit it until 9pm. Your edit to The Master - list of appearances (and several other pages) was therefore reverted, but I've just restored it as the info can now be added.  Digifiend  Talk  PR/SS  KR  MH  Toku  JD  Garo  TH  CG  UM  Logos  CLG  DW  20:21, 26/9/2015 

Page moves[edit source]

Hi! Please note that per Thread:128198 only admins are allowed to move/rename pages. Regular users do not have the ability to perform some of the steps. Thanks. Shambala108 18:20, November 15, 2015 (UTC)

Moving pages[edit source]

Hi! In future, if you would like a page moved to a new name, please use {{speedy rename}}. When a user moves a page, it leaves an unnecessary redirect behind that has to be deleted. P&P talk contribs 21:37, January 20, 2016 (UTC)

Something you probably don't remember from 2012[edit source]

Hi, recently I've been adding info from the Survival novelisation and I seem to have run into a slight problem with your edits on Antari Two and Antari Three. You seemed to think that First Frontier (novel) offered a different account on the Master's actions in the Antari system than Survival (novelisation). Survival says that the Master successfully started a war in Antari, while your edits say that First Frontier says that he tried to start a war, but was unsuccessful. The only mention of the Antari System I could find in the novel was on page 189:

"I also needed help leaving Earth, as my TARDIS had remained on Antari Three when I had to leave Antari Two in a hurry while fomenting a war between them."

In Survival the Master tells the Doctor:

"It was a particularly bloody little war I'd arranged in the Antari system. It was entertaining at first but soon degenerated into nothing more refined than pure butchery.I needed a rapid exit; I followed the nearest kitling."

I see no reason why David Mcintee would acknowledge the novelisation, just to contradict it. In fact, I don't see this as a contradiction at all. Is there something I didn't find in First Frontier that says the Master was unsuccessful in starting a war? C o T 02:13, May 19, 2016 (UTC)

Torchwood teams pages[edit source]

As one of the editors who contributed the most for K9 Unit's page, maybe you could put your input in this thread. Thanks. OncomingStorm12th 21:14, October 25, 2016 (UTC)

Most wanted timelines[edit source]

Hi, I've noticed that you're getting the timeline pages organised/created. Nothing wrong with that. Just wanted to let you know that this has a somewhat unwanted consequence that these timeline pages land on the "most wanted" list at Special:Recentchanges. I am hoping that your plan is to create all those pages over the course of the next few days (with breaks for real life), in which case it is not a problem. I would, however, prefer to avoid having these pages as most wanted for an extended period of time. Amorkuz 15:32, November 27, 2017 (UTC)

Wikipediainfo[edit source]

Hi. Please note that {{wikipediainfo}} "should never be used on real world pages. It is meant for in-universe pages only." OncomingStorm12th 17:59, November 4, 2018 (UTC)

Sentence case again[edit source]

Hi please read Tardis:Use sentence case thanks. Shambala108 22:13, January 26, 2019 (UTC)

Number categorisation[edit source]

Hi, I see you are taking an interest in Category:Numbers (which is great because I got distracted whilst filling it). However, I would draw your attention to the way in which members of the category are being categorised since it's quite unique. It's easy for small numbers such as 15 which becomes "N 0015" but larger numbers are sorted additionally by letters; for example, 13000 sorted by "N a13000". Thanks in advance.

On a semi-related note, make sure the new number pages you create stay off Special:Lonelypages, which is why some of my early ones were deleted. Thanks again. --Borisashton 20:01, April 1, 2019 (UTC)

As User:Borisashton stated right above this, please make sure your number pages are linked from other pages. It's very easy for me to delete a page that has no links to it, but it's a lot harder for me to hunt around and link these pages to other pages. Thanks Shambala108 16:22, April 30, 2019 (UTC)
Hi, I've noticed that you're taking care to make sure the new pages you create have links leading to them. I just wanted to thank you for the effort and keep up the good work. Thanks Shambala108 00:30, May 24, 2019 (UTC)

the imperator[edit source]

the imperator and morbius pages should be merge i want you to merge them i also put sign to imperator page about the mergeThe preceding unsigned comment was added by Doctor other (talk • contribs) .

Don't worry about this, I left a message on User:Doctor other's page. Thanks Shambala108 16:58, May 8, 2019 (UTC)

morbius[edit source]

hi my reason is in the behind the scenes section of morbius page it is saying The Imperator is the name used for Morbius in the Faction Paradox series.you can look and there back stories are similer The preceding unsigned comment was added by Doctor other (talk • contribs) .

Humans[edit source]

Hi please read the instructions at the top of Category:Humans thanks Shambala108 23:16, May 9, 2019 (UTC)

User pages[edit source]

Hi please note that it is not permitted for anyone to edit other users' user pages, including sandboxes. Thanks Shambala108 23:21, August 4, 2019 (UTC)

CyberNomads[edit source]

Hiya! I've restored the CyberNomad page for you (and given it a small cleanup to show which valid story it came from). Now go make that page shine! :) --Revan\Talk 15:52, September 15, 2019 (UTC)

Orphaned pages[edit source]

Hi please note that, of the 50 pages currently at Special:Lonelypages, about half of them are pages you created. You must provide a link to these new pages from another page. I've found the easiest way to do this is place a brief note (using complete sentences) in the "References" section of the story/stories in question. See any story's References section for how it works. Thanks Shambala108 00:21, September 26, 2019 (UTC)

Rename v speedy rename[edit source]

Hi please do not change the links for a {{Rename}} candidate. Those require discussion, and until the discussion is resolved, there is no cause for changing links thanks Shambala108 00:07, October 12, 2019 (UTC)

Another Doctor[edit source]

If you have watched Another Doctor (webcast), can you weigh in on the talk page concerning whether it's parodical or not? If not, I don't see why it's considered Invalid. --Scrooge MacDuck 00:04, November 2, 2019 (UTC)

Killer response[edit source]

Yeah, I don’t mind you filling in the blanks in my sandbox, and would appreciate the help.BananaClownMan 09:25, November 6, 2019 (UTC)

Sandbox assistance[edit source]

By all means! I was planning to finish and publish the article soon-ish anyway but as I'm currently doing major edits to pages like Shakespeare Notebooks as well a helping hand would be greatly appreciated, especially in the "legends" and "complete unknown" subheadings. --Borisashton 13:21, January 24, 2020 (UTC)

Hey there. This page is now located in the main namespace at The Doctor in popular culture that so everyone can work on it. Also, I made sure it was moved to that name instead of copy-pasting the info so your early contributions are still visible in the edit history. I hope you are well, --Borisashton 20:49, February 2, 2020 (UTC)

Editor of the Month[edit source]

Congrats on winning Editor of the Month! Due to the current global health crisis, we won't be able to process your physical reward, an awesome Fandom hoodie, until the crisis abates, but I want to say congrats personally regardless!

Keep up the great editing! MisterWoodhouse 19:19, March 31, 2020 (UTC)

Your latest edits[edit source]

You are editing wrong wiki. Your edits could be written on one of the Star Trek wikis.

--14bauhr 13:27, April 9, 2020 (UTC)

  • I mean that Borg cubes are not Doctor Who. --14bauhr 13:34, April 9, 2020 (UTC)

Cyber-Controllers[edit source]

Hello! I've noticed that you created Cyber-Controller (Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet) and Cyber-Controller (Flower Power) as distinct both from each other and from Cyber-Controller (The Tomb of the Cybermen). Is there a specific reason for this? Because especially in light of The Powers Behind the Throne emphasising the Cyber-Controller from Tomb and Attack as being the singular, Dalek-Emperor-esque mastermind of the Cyberman race, as opposed to a random individual holder of a widely-shared title inthe Cyber-hierarchy, it seems to me that the three accounts of "the Cyber-Controller as a singular guy who is in charge of all the Cybermen in the world" must clearly be referring to a single individual.

(IMO the fact that the Cyber-Controller in Flower Power looks Mondasian rather than Telosian A] is no reason for having him as separate from the one in Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet, and B] means little when we know for surethe Cyber-Controllers in Tomb and Attack are the same individual, having upgraded his Cyber-suit, showing that he is capable of upgrading himself over time.)

In light of my above points, would you have any lingering objections to a merger proposal? --Scrooge MacDuck 17:56, May 5, 2020 (UTC)

Cyberman drone[edit source]

My bad, then, but this leaves us once again without a term for the Series 2-style Cybermen. And yet we now have pages for every major Cyberman variant except the one most well-known to the public since 2006, which is awkward. Any suggestions as to what we might title a page for the Cybus-style design?--Scrooge MacDuck 16:06, September 6, 2020 (UTC)

Good thought — but no, I don't think the Good Man Goes to War Cybers would need their own page. The justification of such a page would be that it would be about the Cyberman design, regardless of what universe it's from. I think the presence or lack of a "C" on the chest is ultimately trivial; note how over on the Skarosian side of things, both Dalek War Machine and Silver Dalek cover several "subvariants" each. --Scrooge MacDuck 17:44, September 6, 2020 (UTC)

Supremacy of the Cybermen[edit source]

Hi, I've noticed that you've created the pages Cyber-Earth, Age of the Cyberiad, etc, so I want to ask you if you've any plans to create Undercity, Capitol? Epsilon (Contact me) 12:40, September 30, 2020 (UTC)

DWBIT[edit source]

Hey! Just thought I'd make sure that, as the OP, you're aware of the closure of Thread:264328, and of the suggestions for actions the community should take that I made there. Of course, you don't have to do anything, but from what you said in that thread, I thought you might want to help with the effort to get that area of the Wiki cleaned up. --Scrooge MacDuck 15:12, October 7, 2020 (UTC)

Multi-Doctor Timeline[edit source]

Hello. I somehow managed to overlook the Inuse template on the Multi-Doctor Timeline page and assume that you were the one to put it there. Sorry for any inconvenience I might have caused and I'll be sure not to touch it again until the template's gone. Jack "BtR" Saxon 15:10, 18 January 2021 (UTC)

Queen of the United Kingdom?[edit source]

Hiya, I hope you're doing okay. I have a question about one of your older page creations if you don't mind, specifically Anne (Queen of Great Britain), because I'm revising many of the monarch pages at the moment. You sourced Pantasmagoria to the statement that Anne was the "first Queen of the United Kingdom of England and Scotland". I certainly remember that her succession after William of Orange was mentioned but I don't recall this fact, which is especially notable if true because Anne was actually the first Queen of Great Britain, not the United Kingdom, which only came into being during the reign of George III. The title given to the article also contradicts the statement so I'm wondering if this was a bit of accidental real world leakage. All the best and thanks in advance, Borisashton 22:11, 11 June 2021 (UTC)

Ah, it's been a long time for me too. I appreciate the quick response anyhow. Borisashton 21:31, 12 June 2021 (UTC)
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