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Admin application Edit

I've asked a new question at Tardis:User rights nominations#GusF 2.
czechout@fandom    19:15: Sat 08 Dec 2012

New questions have been asked today.
czechout@fandom    17:46: Wed 12 Dec 2012
I have put out a second call for comments on your candidacy at Thread:117750. This thread is highlighted, which means that all registered users should be getting alerted to it. Hopefully, you'll get some kinda response. However, I don't want your candidacy going on forever, waiting in perpetuity for responses. Therefore your application will be closed, one way or the other, on no earlier than 30 December 2012 but no later than 1 January 2013.
czechout@fandom    07:19: Tue 25 Dec 2012

Use of prefixes Edit

I notice from looking at the history of Quinnis that you seem to have a propensity for putting a prefix next to every story title. Please don't do this. Instead, group all the stories of the same medium together, use the prefix once, and separate by semi-colons. Also, take care not to over-wikify; once you've declared that you're talking about a particular medium, you don't need to use a prefix again until you start discussing another medium.

current state of Quinnis better
For the older Susan recounting the story, Quinnis occurs after AUDIO: An Earthly Child and before AUDIO: Relative Dimensions. For the older Susan recounting the story, Quinnis occurs after AUDIO: An Earthly Child and before Relative Dimensions.
Meedla predicts that "dark misery" is in Susan's destiny. (TV: An Unearthly Child, TV: The Daleks, TV: The Reign of Terror, AUDIO: Lucie Miller / To the Death) Meedla predicts that "dark misery" is in Susan's destiny. (TV: An Unearthly Child, The Daleks, The Reign of Terror; AUDIO: Lucie Miller, To the Death)

czechout@fandom    02:47: Fri 18 Jan 2013

Adding to year articles Edit

Although this is hardly policy, I would greatly appreciate it if, when adding new information to and editing a year article, you would also do the same to the corresponding day of the year article. As I have been giving my sweat and blood to cleaning the day articles up, you'd be taking a lot off my work load by doing so. Also consider that it might be hard to find, and I might not even notice that the new information is there. For example, you recently added information to 1943. You put it under 6 October, but later changed it to the 28th. But yet neither the articles 6 October nor 28 October have this information. Well... Now they do. Luckily, this time, I happened to notice this, and I added the information myself on my phone, as I wasn't even home at the time. I'm sure you've done this many times before. Anyways, in the future, please add information to not just the year page but also to the day of the year page. Thanks. --The Doctor Detective Arch Architectural Bishop Baker Intern Inspector (aka. SmallerOnTheOutside). Now memorize that and contact me. 06:41, February 5, 2013 (UTC)

8 May Edit

Where in Planet of Fire is 8 May specified as the date? Not sayin' your wrong, I just don't quite remember that.
czechout@fandom    05:47: Wed 06 Feb 2013

Thanks very much for nailing down that source a little better. Tiny little thing to remember in the future.
I know what you're thinking when you give Fire and Reaping for that 9 May statement, but I'm not sure all our readers would. I think they might think that the date was somehow given in Fire, and you've established that such is not the case. Since any number of stories mention or expand our understanding of other stories, it's important for clarity to give only the source of the statement, not the source of the original scene. Another way of looking at it is that citation should involve only the very most relevant source.
czechout@fandom    22:16: Wed 06 Feb 2013

Block Edit

Rest assure, it wasn't you that was blocked. You have done nothing wrong - it was the IP address, which was used by a vandal not that long ago. It is a mistake that you are blocked - I will talked with CzechOut with how a vandal and you seem to have the same IP address. I know you would never be a vandal.

I have changed the settings for this blocked so logged in Users can edit from this IP address, but since IP address are unique (I think), the block should not have affected you. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. MM/Want to talk? 14:40, February 10, 2013 (UTC)

GOR problem Edit

I am sorry to say, but I have no clue with regards to this problem. You are best directing questions like this to User:CzechOut, who may be able to help you more than I can - I am not really an expert in this area - sorry! MM/Want to talk? 00:58, March 5, 2013 (UTC)

There is no error. You simply missed the 28th of Feb, since you went longer than 24 hours between your last 27 February edit and your only 28 February edit. It sucks, since you were so close to getting the ultimate award. However, the advantage is that you'll be able to get many more points out of this particular track. Once you get the 365-day award, you can never get the earlier awards again. But now that you're busted all the way to the beginning, you can pick up those awards all over again. Unless Wikia have closed that loophole.
czechout@fandom    01:59: Tue 05 Mar 2013

Image category Edit

Thanks for your recent Inferno images. Please make sure, however, that you put all images into at least one image category. It's typically important to put them into at least the category that tells which story they came from — in this case Category:Inferno TV story images. Recurring characters, if pictured, should also be noted by category, such as category:Third Doctor images.

Our image category structure can be found by starting at category:Images by content. Thanks :)
czechout@fandom    19:47: Sat 30 Nov 2013

Are you the same GusF who edits at the Turtledove Wiki? --Zhukov15 21:13, December 1, 2013 (UTC)

Christmas cheer Edit

Happy holidays!

As this fiftieth anniversary year comes to a close, we here at Tardis just want to thank you for being a part of our community — even if you haven't edited here in a while. If you have edited with us this year, then thanks for all your hard work.

This year has seen an impressive amount of growth. We've added about 11,000 pages this year, which is frankly incredible for a wiki this big. November was predictably one of the busiest months we've ever had: over 500 unique editors pitched in. It was the highest number of editors in wiki history for a year in which only one programme in the DWU was active. And our viewing stats have been through the roof. We've averaged well over 2 million page views each week for the last two months, with some weeks seeing over 4 million views!

We've received an unprecedented level of support from Wikia Staff, resulting in all sorts of new goodies and productive new relationships. And we've recently decided to lift almost every block we've ever made so as to allow most everyone a second chance to be part of our community.

2014 promises to build on this year's foundations, especially since we've got a full, unbroken series coming up — something that hasn't happened since 2011. We hope you'll stick with us — or return to the Tardis — so that you can be a part of the fun!


Block lifted Edit

Hey, I don't know if you were aware that you were blocked by the abuse filter. It seems to have been triggered by your attempt to archive the talk page (which doesn't seem to have worked). I unblocked you, but you might want to try to archive your page again, and I'll keep an eye out to be sure a block doesn't happen again. Shambala108 15:59, May 18, 2014 (UTC)

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