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Thanks for becoming a member of the TARDIS crew! If you have any questions, see the Help pages, add a question to one of the Forums or ask on my talk page. -- Doug86 (Talk) 21:33, October 13, 2012

Cats on real world pages Edit

Hi :) Although it's good to add categories like Category:Worked on Sea of Souls, it's much preferred that you actually add to the article body itself. Placing the category alone creates more of a mystery than anything. Readers will immediately wonder why that claim is being made with a category, but not in the body of the text. Please concentrate on adding material to the body before you add categories from the Connections to other media franchises group. Thanks :)
czechout@fandom    16:54: Sat 24 Nov 2012

You are blocked for one day, or until you respond, on this page, to the above note. Unfortunately, because you are an IP user, there are few ways to ensure that you've got this message besides blocking you. Do not take this block as an indication that I think you're a "problem user". I just need you to please alter your editing pattern.
czechout@fandom    23:55: Sat 24 Nov 2012

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You're blocked. Blocking admin CzechOut Reason You are banned for one day for failing to respond to a note I've left on your talk page. The ban will be lifted sooner, provided you respond. Block start 23:52, November 24, 2012 Block end 23:52, November 25, 2012 Intended blockee Block ID 3812 Current IP

I'm sorry I did not respond to your earlier note. All I was doing was updating actors' pages to include more of their non-DW work. I know you think I should be updating the body of the article instead but I fail to see how their non-DW work is relevant to this wiki beyond the "other media franchises" categories. Are we expected to note every single movie or TV show an actor has appeared in? I thought we included a link to their IMDB page for people who may be curious as to their entire filmography. Quite frankly, I think banning me for a day is overkill and it makes me wonder if this wiki is worth contributing too if I'm just going to be banned for no good reason. to me 00:46, November 25, 2012 (UTC)

The point is that we don't consider the addition of categories an "update". If you're going to take the time to add categories that say "Worked on Downton Abbey", or whatever, we would prefer that you actually just edit the article proper and say that. We feel that a person's non-DWU work is indeed relevant, at least inasmuch as their career intersects with other DWU personnel. See Bill Paterson for an example of the kind of work were striving for. It's also important to note what roles they're known for.
For instance, you may have been the one to add the category "Actors who appeared in Z-Cars" to Julian Glover. But this is not nearly so important as noting that he played Walter Donovan in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or General Veers in The Empire Strikes Back. In this case, the category is adding information less important than what the article itself contains.
The important thing is that our readers walk away with a basic understanding of who the actor played in Doctor Who, who they're famous for playing outside of the DWU, and what other roles may have involved fellow DWU actors. This is something best accomplished through text, not categories. Your editing pattern is contrary to this goal, so you were blocked for a very good reason. Your sole occupation on this wiki — indeed your sole contribution to an individual page — should not be the addition of categories from the connections to other media franchises group.
That said, I do apologise that you were banned for an entire day. That wasn't my actual intent. I checked a couple of times whether you had responded, but you obviously responded a little later than when I checked. Because you had not responded to my earlier notes — and I'm sure I've left a note on another IP talk page related to you — it was really the only way to get your attention. It's imperfect, though, because I get no flags when you respond on your own page.
You are strongly encouraged to actually register an free account with us so that we can communicate with you and don't have to resort to blocking you to get your attention. When you use a registered account, we can leave a message on your talk page and you'll get an alert that you've got a message, so that we know you've received our messages. IP users don't get message alerts, and so we actually have to block IP users to get their attention.
czechout@fandom    02:22: Mon 26 Nov 2012

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