Have only recently began collecting Doctor Who titles. Below are the stories that I currently own / am interested in collecting;

Novels Edit

BBC Books Edit

New Series Adventures Edit

# Title Own Type
1 The Clockwise Man Yes Hardback
2 The Monsters Inside Yes Hardback
3 Winner Takes All Yes Hardback
4 The Deviant Strain Yes Hardback
5 Only Human Yes Hardback
6 The Stealers of Dreams Yes Hardback
7 The Stone Rose Yes Hardback
8 The Feast of the Drowned Yes Hardback
9 The Resurrection Casket Yes Hardback
10 The Nightmare of Black Island Yes Hardback
11 The Art of Destruction Yes Hardback, CD
12 The Price of Paradise Yes Hardback
13 Sting of the Zygons Yes Hardback
14 The Last Dodo Yes Hardback
15 Wooden Heart Yes Hardback
16 Forever Autumn Yes Hardback
17 Wetworld Yes Hardback
18 Sick Building Yes Hardback
19 The Pirate Loop Yes Hardback
20 Peacemaker Yes Hardback
21 Wishing Well Yes Hardback
22 Martha in the Mirror Yes Hardback
23 Snowglobe 7 Yes Hardback
24 The Many Hands Yes Hardback
25 Ghosts of India Yes Hardback
26 The Doctor Trap Yes Hardback
27 Shining Darkness Yes Hardback
28 The Story of Martha No N/A
29 Beautiful Chaos Yes Hardback
30 The Eyeless Yes Hardback, CD
31 Judgement of the Judoon Yes Hardback
32 The Slitheen Excursion Yes Hardback
33 Prisoner of the Daleks No N/A
34 The Taking of Chelsea 426 No N/A
35 Autonomy No N/A
36 The Krillitane Storm No N/A
37 Apollo 23 Yes Hardback
38 Night of the Humans Yes Hardback
39 The Forgotten Army Yes Hardback
40 Nuclear Time Yes Hardback
41 The King's Dragon No N/A
42 The Glamour Chase Yes Hardback
S1 The Coming of the Terraphiles No N/A
43 Dead of Winter No N/A
44 The Way Through the Woods No N/A
45 Hunter's Moon No N/A
46 Touched by an Angel Yes Hardback
47 Paradox Lost No N/A
48 Borrowed Time Yes Hardback
S2 The Silent Stars Go By No N/A
S3 Dark Horizons No N/A
49 Plague of the Cybermen No N/A
50 The Dalek Generation No N/A
51 Shroud of Sorrow Yes Hardback
S4 Engines of War No N/A
52 The Blood Cell No N/A
53 Silhouette No N/A
54 The Crawling Terror No N/A
55 Royal Blood Yes Hardback
56 Big Bang Generation Yes Hardback
57 Deep Time Yes Hardback
S5 In the Blood No N/A
58 The Shining Man No N/A
59 Diamond Dogs No N/A
60 Plague City No N/A
61 The Good Doctor No N/A
62 Molten Heart No N/A
63 Combat Magicks No N/A
S6 At Childhood's End No N/A

Torchwood novels Edit

# Title Own Type
1 Another Life Yes Hardback
2 Border Princes Yes Hardback
3 Slow Decay Yes Hardback
4 Something in the Water Yes Hardback
5 Trace Memory Yes Hardback
6 The Twilight Streets Yes Hardback
7 Pack Animals Yes Hardback
8 SkyPoint Yes Hardback
9 Almost Perfect Yes Hardback
10 Into the Silence No N/A
11 Bay of the Dead No N/A
12 The House That Jack Built No N/A
13 Risk Assessment No N/A
14 The Undertaker's Gift No N/A
15 Consequences No N/A
16 First Born No N/A
17 Long Time Dead No N/A
18 The Men Who Sold the World No N/A
19 Exodus Code No N/A

Class novels Edit

# Title Own Type
1 Joyride No N/A
2 The Stone House No N/A
3 What She Does Next Will Astound You No N/A

Audios Edit

UNIT: The New Series Edit

# Title Own Type
1.1 Vanguard Yes Extinction
1.2 Earthfall
1.3 Bridgehead
1.4 Armageddon
2.1 Power Cell Yes Shutdown
2.2 Death in Geneva
2.3 The Battle of the Tower
2.4 Ice Station Alpha
3.1 House of Silents Yes Silenced
3.2 Square One
3.3 Silent Majority
3.4 In Memory Alone
4.1 Call to Arms Yes Assembled
4.2 Tidal Wave
4.3 Retrieval
4.4 United
5.1 The Dalek Transaction Yes Encounters
5.2 Invocation
5.3 The Sontaran Project
5.4 False Negative
6.1 Game Theory Yes Cyber-Reality
6.2 Telepresence
6.3 Code Silver
6.4 Master of Worlds
7.1 Hosts of the Wirrn Yes Revisitations
7.3 Breach of Trust
7.4 Open the Box
8.1 This Sleep of Death Yes Incursions
8.2 Tempest
8.3 The Power of River Song

Comics Edit

Doctor Who Magazine Edit

Main Edit

# Title Own Type
1 Doctor Who and the Iron Legion Yes The Iron Legion
2 City of the Damned
3 Timeslip Yes The Tides of Time
4 Docor Who and the Star Beast Yes The Iron Legion
5 Doctor Who and the Dogs of Doom
6 Doctor Who and the Time Witch
7 Dragon's Claw Yes Dragon's Claw
8 The Collector
9 Dreamers of Death
10 The Life Bringer!
11 War of the Words
12 Spider-God
13 The Deal
14 End of the Line
15 Doctor Who and the Free-Fall Warriors
16 Junk-Yard Demon
17 The Neutron Knights
18 The Tides of Time Yes The Tides of Time
19 Stars Fell on Stockbridge
20 The Stockbridge Horror
21 Lunar Lagoon
22 4-Dimensional Vistas
23 The Moderator
24 The Shape Shifter No N/A
25 Voyager
26 Polly the Glot
27 Once Upon a Time-Lord
28 War-Game
29 Funhouse
30 Kane's Story
31 Abel's Story
32 The Warrior's Story
33 Frobisher's Story
34 Exodus Yes The World Shapers
35 Revelation!
36 Genesis!
37 Nature of the Beast!
38 Time Bomb!
39 Salad Daze
40 Changes
41 Profits of Doom!
42 The Gift
43 The World Shapers
44 A Cold Day in Hell! Yes A Cold Day in Hell!
45 Redemption!
46 The Crossroads of Time
47 Claws of the Klathi!
48 Culture Shock!
49 Keepsake
50 Planet of the Dead
51 Echoes of the Mogor!
52 Time and Tide
53 Follow That TARDIS!
54 Invaders from Gantac!
55 Nemesis of the Daleks Yes Nemesis of the Daleks
57 Train-Flight
58 Doctor Conkerer!
59 Fellow Travellers Yes The Good Soldier
60 Darkness, Falling
61 Distractions
62 The Mark of Mandragora
63 Party Animals
64 The Chameleon Factor
65 The Good Soldier
66 A Glitch in Time
67 Evening's Empire Yes Evening's Empire
68 Conflict of Interests
69 The Grief
70 Ravens
71 Memorial
72 Cat Litter
73 Pureblood No N/A
74 Emperor of the Daleks!
75 Final Genesis
76 Time & Time Again
77 Cuckoo
78 Uninvited Guest
79 Victims No N/A
80 The Lunar Strangers
81 Food for Thought
82 Change of Mind
83 Land of the Blind
84 Up Above the Gods No N/A
85 The Curse of the Scarab Yes Ground Zero
86 Operation Proteus
87 Target Practice
88 Black Destiny
89 Ground Zero
90 Doctor Who and the Fangs of Time
91 Endgame No N/A
92 The Keep
93 A Life of Matter and Death
94 Fire and Brimstone
95 By Hook or By Crook
96 Tooth and Claw
97 The Final Chapter
98 Wormwood
99 Happy Deathday No N/A
100 The Fallen
101 Unnatural Born Killers
102 The Road to Hell
103 TV Action!
104 The Company of Thieves
105 The Glorious Dead
106 The Autonomy Bug
107 Ophidius No N/A
108 Beautiful Freak
109 The Last Word No N/A
110 The Way of All Flesh No N/A
111 Character Assassin
112 Children of the Revolution
113 Me and My Shadow
114 Uroboros
115 Oblivion
116 Where Nobody Knows Your Name No N/A
117 Doctor Who and the Nightmare Game
118 The Power of Thoueris!
119 The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack
120 The Land of Happy Endings
121 Bad Blood
122 Sins of the Fathers
123 The Flood
124 The Love Invasion No N/A
125 Art Attack
126 The Cruel Sea
127 A Groatsworth of Wit No N/A
128 The Betrothal of Sontar No N/A
129 The Lodger
130 F.A.Q.
131 The Futurists
132 Interstellar Overdrive
133 The Green-Eyed Monster No N/A
134 The Warkeeper's Crown
135 The Woman Who Sold the World No N/A
136 Bus Stop!
137 The First
138 Death to the Doctor! No N/A
139 Universal Monsters
140 Hotel Historia No N/A
141 The Widow's Curse No N/A
142 The Time of My Life No N/A
143 Thinktwice No N/A
144 The Stockbridge Child
145 Mortal Beloved
146 The Age of Ice
147 The Deep Hereafter
148 Onomatopoeia
149 Ghosts of the Northern Line
150 The Crimson Hand
151 Supernature No N/A
152 Planet Bollywood
153 The Golden Ones
154 The Professor, the Queen and the Bookshop
155 The Screams of Death
156 Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
157 Forever Dreaming
158 Apotheosis
159 The Child of Time
160 The Chains of Olympus No N/A
161 Sticks & Stones
162 The Cornucopia Caper
163 The Broken Man No N/A
164 Imaginary Enemies
165 Hunters of the Burning Stone
166 A Wing and a Prayers No N/A
167 Welcome to Tickle Town
168 John Smith and the Common Men
169 Pay the Piper
170 The Blood of Azrael
171 The Crystal Throne No N/A
172 The Eye of Torment
173 The Instruments of War
174 Space Invaders! No N/A
175 Blood and Ice No N/A
176 Spirits of the Jungle No N/A
177 The Highgate Horror
178 The Dragon Lord
179 Theatre of the Mind
180 Witch Hunt
181 The Stockbridge Showdown
182 The Pestilent Heart No N/A
183 Moving In
184 Bloodsport
185 Be Forgot
186 Doorway to Hell
187 The Soul Garden No N/A
188 The Parliament of Fear
189 Matildus
190 The Phantom Piper
191 The Clockwise War No N/A
- The Cybermen
192 The Warmonger No N/A
193 Herald of Madness
194 The Power of the Mobox
195 Mistress of Chaos
196 The Piggybackers

Backups Edit

# Title Own Type
1 The Return of the Daleks No N/A
2 Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman Yes The Glorious Dead
3 The Final Quest No N/A
4 The Stolen TARDIS No N/A
5 K-9's Finest Hour No N/A
6 Warlord of the Ogrons No N/A
7 Deathworld No N/A
8 Abslom Daak... Dalek Killer Yes Nemesis of the Daleks
9 Twilight of the Silurians No N/A
10 Ship of Fools Yes The Glorious Dead
11 The Outsider No N/A
12 Star Tigers Yes Nemesis of the Daleks
13 Yonder... The Yeti No N/A
14 Black Legacy No N/A
15 Business as Usual No N/A
16 Star Death No N/A
17 The Touchdown on Deneb-7 No N/A
18 Voyage to the End of the Universe No N/A
19 Crisis on Kaldor (comic story) No N/A
20 4-D War No N/A
21 The Greatest Gamble No N/A
22 Black Sun Rising No N/A
23 Skywatch-7 No N/A
24 The Gods Walk Among Us No N/A
25 Minatorius No N/A
26 Devil of the Deep No N/A
27 The Fires Down Below No N/A
28 The Fabulous Idiot No N/A
29 A Ship Called Sudden Death No N/A
30 City of Devils No N/A
31 Conflict of Interests Yes Evening's Empire
32 Character Assassin No N/A
33 The Crystal Throne No N/A

Specials Edit

# Title Own Type
1 Skywatch-7 No N/A
2 Minatorius No N/A
3 The Fabulous Idiot No N/A
4 A Ship Called Sudden Death No N/A
5 Seaside Rendezvous Yes The Good soldier
6 The Man in the Ion Mask No N/A
7 City of Devils No N/A
8 Flashback No N/A
9 Bringer of Darkness No N/A
10 Are You Listening? No N/A
11 Younger and Wiser No N/A
12 Plastic Millenium No N/A
13 The Seventh Segment No N/A
14 Daleks Versus the Martians No N/A

Doctor Who Yearbooks Edit

# Title Own Type
1 Under Pressure No N/A
2 Metamorphosis No N/A
3 A Religious Experience Yes The Clockwise War
4 Rest and Re-Creation
5 The Naked Flame
6 Blood Invocation
7 Star Beast II
8 Junk-Yard Demon II

Doctor Who Annuals Edit

# Title Own Type
1 Mr Nobody No N/A
2 Down the Rabbit Hole No N/A
3 Myth Maker No N/A
4 Swarm Enemies No N/A
5 The Greatest Mall in the Universe No N/A
6 The Time Sickness No N/A
7 Death Disco No N/A
8 The Vortex Code No N/A
9 Health & Safety No N/A
10 Buzz! No N/A
11 The Grey Hole No N/A
12 The House of Lights No N/A
13 Attack of the 50ft Rory No N/A
14 The Zentrabot Invasion No N/A
15 The Tomb of Shemura No N/A
16 The Door to a Winter Long Ago No N/A
17 Night Light No N/A
18 The Monsters of Coal Hill School No N/A
19 Freeze No N/A
20 Zorgo the Terrible No N/A
21 Super Gran No N/A
22 Elephant in the Room No N/A
23 The Promise No N/A
24 Loose in the Lane No N/A
25 Missy Loves Ghostie No N/A
26 Where's the Doctor? No N/A
27 The Space Lord No N/A
28 The Rhino of Twenty-Three Strand Street No N/A

Doctor Who Storybooks Edit

# Title Own Type
1 Opera of Doom! No N/A
2 Sunscreen No N/A
3 The Immortal Emperor No N/A
4 Space Vikings! No N/A

The Incredible Hulk Presents Edit

# Title Own Type
1 Once in a Lifetime Yes Nemesis of the Daleks
2 Hunger from the Ends of Time!
3 War World!
4 Technical Hitch
5 A Switch in Time!
6 The Sentinel!
7 Who's That Girl!
8 The Enlightenment of Ly-Chee the Wise
9 Slimmer!
10 Nineveh!

Torchwood comic stories Edit

Torchwood Magazine Edit

# Title Own Type
1 The Legacy of Torchwood One! No N/A
2 Jetsam Yes Rift War
3 Rift War!
4 Captain Jack and the Selkie No N/A
5 Broken No N/A
6 Fated to Pretend No N/A
7 Shrouded No N/A
8 Somebody Else's Problem: A Gwen Cooper Story No N/A
9 Hell House No N/A
10 Overture: A Captain Jack Adventure No N/A

Online Torchwood comics Edit

# Title Own Type
1 The Return of the Vostok No N/A
2 Ma and Par No N/A

Torchwood (2016) Edit

# Title Own Type
1 World Without End No N/A
2 Station Zero No N/A
3 The Culling No N/A

Short Stories Edit

# Title Own Type
1 Cuckoo-Spit No N/A
2 The Cat Came Back No N/A
3 Once Upon a Time No N/A
4 Gravestone House No N/A
5 Untitled No N/A
6 No One Died No N/A
7 Corner of the Eye No N/A
8 Cats and Dogs No N/A
9 The Body Bank No N/A
10 The Box Under the Tree No N/A
11 Zombie Motel No N/A
12 The Iron Circle No N/A
13 Kiss of Life No N/A
14 Deep Water No N/A
15 Hello Children, Everywhere No N/A
16 Grand Theft Planet! No N/A
17 Cold No N/A
18 Bing Bong No N/A
19 Island of the Sirens No N/A
20 Hold Your Horses No N/A
21 The Puplet No N/A
22 Total Eclipse of the Heart No N/A
23 The End of the Rainbow No N/A
24 Scared Stiff No N/A
25 Bennelong Point No N/A
26 The Shape on the Chair No N/A
27 Knock Knock! No N/A
28 The Haldenmor Fugue No N/A
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