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Having anxiety is so awful. Trying to overcome it after an academic tidal wave has been rough. I need a prayer or two my way. The recuperation will take time. I do not want to feel powerless or depressed any longer. Thus my energy is to be conserved. Indefinitely so. My rest must be immense to get healthier. It was a turbulent semester. Harder to overcome the stress than I originally thought. Concerned. Majorly concerned and hesitant and overly preoccupied. It's a mighty ordeal. A lot is going on and it is requiring a lot from me.

Currently in stand-down mode until Series 10. (no more edits than necessary- trying to knock an addiction to downloading images) I NEED a frickin' break. Zzzzz.....!! And a sweetheart♥ That would sure help matters greatly. Emotional crutches are much appreciated in this hard time.

Prepare to embark on a journey of utter nonsense!

Before we begin, you must know that I don't just edit- I micro-edit. Persistently!! In other words, I will edit something several times in a row a lot before I am satisfied with it. Maybe I'll walk a way for a bit and then think of something, or make grammatical errors. It's the same as making updates over a very short time frame. And don't you dare make a fuss about it. Bottom line is a wiki page is not made airtight through one edit. If you were a program code writer and told you can only edit the code once and then have to wait a full 24 hours to edit it again, and then you noticed you missed a mistake- what do you do? Leave it be and forget it? Blow it off and ship out the code with an error just to spite the higher-ups? Basically, all I ask is that a wiki gives me unsolicited freedom to update it for its own benefits and trusts me to do it without breathing down my back! If a Wiki is one of those that discourages micro-editing, and you won't allow flexibility, you're not worth putting up with.

One who scrutinizes another's work without cease just to muscle in on them is nothing but a no-good, two-bit scrub. Remember that well.

About Me Edit

Hello! This is the prestigious home of Commander Thunderush the Grand Observer. I am more commonly known as Commander Thunderstreak, but I like to abbreviate my name with the initials U.S.H. for the branch of service I am assigned with- I am a Unilateral Security Headmaster overseeing my personal district. We have code names to avoid the use of our real names. Mine is THUNDER U.S.H., my identity online. It is a sampling of the acronym P.U.S.H., the Parliament of Unilateral Security Headmasters, a band of solitary security personnel who work on their own as a united entity of one. PUSH is not concerned about who we are, it is about what we do- act as a streamlined unit with no attitudinal buffering. We are a group of freelance agents tasked with running private investigation establishments that coordinate their operations as a cohesive unit from fixed distances, acting as a web of defense rather than a loud and oft haughty group of rowdy, ungraceful police, SWAT teams, soldiers. The quieter our activities, the better. PUSH employed men and woman guard society in exchange for payment and pension, but not glory. Our titular motto forbids it. "The finest justice is delivered with a push, not a shove." You can't be the showy guy who lets the ego flush out principles of sense and lawfulness, or the bumbling cluster overloaded with too many people that descends into chaos because they can't be controlled due to their whopping size. Big images are dangerous. I joined the organization and started my own detective agency long ago. Except the time I live in is rife with wanton terrorism.

Bombing of Northutch City Edit

I was caught in a severe attack on my headquarters, targeting the members of PUSH for reasons I have yet to fully ascertain. I heard that there was a leak in PUSH's web of information. An inside man, perhaps? Whoever they are, I have yet to aggressively thank them for fourteen months of traction. The assault against my HQ brought down the building, torched my case files (thank goodness for personal and shared computer backups donated to me from others in PUSH- we co-collaborate casework to build relationships, learn tricks of the trade from each other, and strategies which make our solving and understanding of these cases easier and smoother), and left me half-buried in the wreckage with the weight of the rubble crushing me. Know what's even worse? Getting barbecued by flames licking at my pinned down body. These injuries were extraordinarily crippling. They required a special procedure known as nano-conversion to heal me back to 100%. Because of my affiliation with PUSH, a special genius found me and recruited my talents. Bless his soul. However, it made my name a lot larger and more ever-present in society, though I was in a place with enough protection to compensate for the added danger of becoming a bigger target. In spite of expectations, the larger public eye has been quite helpful to me. I use it to promote heroism and goodwill, and I actively say that one must remain vigilant and humble to conduct the nuances of law enforcement.

General Operations Edit

I am a keenful eye of the Internet and a clever-witted warrior for justice. Oh... and I have cybernetic powers. I was brought into being by a scientist and professor named Doctor Kyle Silverhelm, the one who called me under his wing. He bestowed me with the power to control all wavelengths of electricity and alter my body into new forms based on what I analyze, much like a Chameleon circuit. Now, I have yet to tell my mother about what has happened to me. I asked PUSH not to inform her of my decrepit state and the attacks because it would worry her. Instead, we put up a front and said I was going into an undercover mission and would contact her through video from time to time (a computer-generated image of a healthy me, while injured me sat in a hospital wrapped in gauze and morphine tubes). I still haven't told her because I want her to picture me as I was when I moved away from home. Even if she doesn't mind, she might become too worried about me and get wrapped up in the danger.

As for dear old dad, he is... indisposed. No, no, not as in estranged. He's just waiting for the right medical treatment to come about for an uncured disease in a stasis pod. Mom said she would wait for him, and has used top of the line treatments to preserve her age, well-being, and beauty.

Encounters with the Doctor Edit

DW Legacy Doctors Banner

Contrary to popular belief, there is now a game which includes all of the mainline Doctors (and also Meta-Ten).

Believe it or not, I have met the Doctor. Twice. Met Eight perchance but he quickly ran away in panic. Mistook me for a Cyberman because I was suited up for combat in robotic plating. I disengaged my armor to show him I was humanoid underneath the shell. He mentioned a bad experience with them trying to flood the world. What's sad is, he had yet to enter into the battle that would ruin his life. From my databanks, I had records of the Time War. I did my best to prepare him for what was on the horizon. Still... his attitude was soft and kind... so vulnerable to war... I checked up on him later in the history banks. He changed into something terrible. An old man with a world-weary appearance. ...But who? All known faces of the Doctor are cataloged into my database. Even the ones he tries to hide.

I bumped into his twelfth incarnation by happenstance when I was experimenting with time stabilizers. They malfunctioned and caused a cronal lapse that hurtled me into the future! That's when I meant him, the eccentric chap who hides his name like an armadillo tucks himself in his shell. Speaking of which, there are details of this experience that I have to hide! At the moment, I can't tell you much. I must be careful not to reveal too much about the future. All I know is Eleven went out with a bang, and this new fellow he turned into is scared shedless about his future, about becoming something menacing, the Valeyard, as he calls it. He wanted me to help him avoid spawning this "Valeyard" at any price. 'Ol Doc noticed my intelligence and begged me for help, but I told him I had to get back to my time, since I only got to his in a freak accident. He conjectured we should form a psychic link. And so we tried to link minds and learn more about each other. He was very careful to lock away his head so that I couldn't snoop. I did the same on my end.

But the funny thing is... I have a download function that lets me pick up things. Copy various aspects of something I analyze, then transform into more powerful archetypes of myself, with the best bits of the new stuff mixed with the old. This mental linking let me download information about the Doctor into my head, though the experience left me with a new transformation ability that more or less results in me becoming a garish amalgamation of his previous lives and donning a temporary estuary British accent. Apparently, it was impossible for my system to make heads or tails of all his past lives, and so it royally botched up (and when I say royally botched up, I mean gave me severe multiple personality disorders for a while) the final transformation. Oh, and the guy has lost track of his age big time. He's about 2,000 years old. Biological scans estimate that much, don't trust 'em. They only help me get into the vicinity of big numbers like that.

I tried to ask the Doctor about what claimed his eighth life in the Last Great Time War. He looked back at me with a very sad, forlorn gaze and simply told me, "Suffering. The suffering of my people. It burned through me and I died. All alone. In darkness... cold, bitter darkness. But something kicked in at the last moment, at the bleakest hour of my life... light shined into the dark. And then I woke up a new man. My ninth incarnation. But I was not at peace. I was not ready to die, nor did I want to die again, and most of all, I did not want to witness my people die. I was angry. But enough of that. It's in the past. Best look to the future with a smile, eh mate? You're proof enough that it's in spectacular hands!" The man walked away like a true enigmatic figment of my world, back to the blue box of splendor he calls home.

Excerpt from the Third Archive Edit

Ordinance Eleven:

In response to the growing threat of the Hylkabern conquests, we have documented a message from one of the war-torn survivors. He has a precognizant mind that wavers between prophecy and discordant thoughts. His statements are a premonition to the arrival of a Valestygian destroyer. We fear it precludes a great calamity.

"Beware the ravager draped in tin flesh. He is the King that Could Have Been, ruler of a time that never was, the hand of fate that wrote it into existence ripped away from the pages of destiny before it could pen his hellion tale. When his countenance is upon your world, do not lock eyes with his hollow gaze... For he is a walker of Lord Death, the bringer of depravity... and to look upon him with bated breath, or at his enraged behest... is a challenge of his authority... one that beckons acceptance into oblivion. But remember... he is first and foremost a liar. Fall not for his deceiving wiles. Simply rebuke his name and he will flee screaming. He is not, nor will he ever be welcome in the presence of the holy. Stand tall and proud, holy soul. That will assure your victory."

If the day comes that the Valestygian threat descends upon our world, the information shall be released to the private parties specified henceforth:
  • The Grandmaster Authoritum of the Vigilant Dreamscape Squadrons
  • The head of the company Alpha Helix Society, the progenitors of nano-conversion
  • The dominant Chaplain or Commander of the elite Saving Throw brigade, a subdivision of the Dreamscape Squadrons, code name for Branch Seven
  • Any individual associated with the Parliament of Unilateral Security Headmasters
  • All others who can properly defend the Earth

You cannot use your physical senses to feel the great presence unless you are permitted to through its power. That is the finite limit of reasoning. That which we call faith is different. It is driven by the mind, not the skin or the senses. Your intellect is the force that is meant to make sense of the unknown, and if you shut your mind off to what could lie beyond what you see, you cut yourself off from possibilities and the true beauty of the infinite existence intended for you. Death is a tool used to block us from this infinity, by making us remain bound to temporal existence. Look beyond it, and you will succeed in finding that greater realm in all its glory. Never close your mind. Not even once- you risk losing the ultimate scope of what truly is in favor of your own limited, comfortable world. You must step out and see past this. Keep your mind open and believe!

--The Lazareth Accords


Agent Gulliver Wharf

Known for neon pink hair and bearded mustache. Wears a flamboyant hot pink fur coat with midnight blue inner lining and a Trilby hat or a checkered Derby hat.

Or it could just be Markiplier... You never know these days.

Throttle Vortex- a maniac who can summon cyclones and shoot compressed air blasts from his mouth. What a windbag.

The Humming Photon

Triumph Carriage


13K- Highly dangerous group of mercenaries. Still at large. Motive unknown. Leader held responsible for countless war crimes, the most serious of which being a plot to destroy Earth and entrap all living human inhabitants in a realm of eternal torment. A second underworld, so to speak- one in the living world to punish people who were not being judged "fairly" and getting away with evil acts, with the real underworld to await them as soon as this diabolical monster wanted to send them to their doom. Plot successfully foiled. Consequences concerning internal relationships among P.U.S.H. are classified. Legend says they operate independently at the command of their thirteen best agents, who authority is ranked by number- the lowest number present during an operation is the one who takes command, save for their Chairman, whose powers outrank all others.

Autarch One (???? the Unforgivable) Autarch Two (???? the Unassailable) Autarch Three (Thrikyor the Unthinkable) Autarch Four (Miasmid the Unstable) Autarch Five- Claudius Rexxor (AKA Rexxor the Unkillable) Autarch Six Twin of Misfortune (Viracta the Unmistakable) Autarch Seven Twin of Fortune (Piracta the Untouchable) Autarch Eight- Monsieur Wallfreighter (Wallfreighter the Unstoppable) Autarch Nine (Nonogon the Unapproachable) Autarch Ten (Scaffler the Unpredictable) Autarch Eleven (Enthrel the Unguessable) Autarch Twelve- (Lampudus the Unacceptable) Autarch Thirteen (Mirrodo the Unbreakable)

Autarch Zero (the Unquantifiable)

Plasmic Miasmid Lampuda Prime

Z-2 Warp

Jonah Warbuck Thunder Scabbard & Red Scabbard (Colloquially known as The Nefarious Scabbard Siblings) and its hordes of evil admin

Noughtverse, or Nullaverse, also known as the Pointless Plane (of Reality)/Pointless Plains- a reality that once had inhabitants, but its use has come to a close due to some tragedy and now all that is left are the uninhabited ruins; in other words, a reality with no objective meaning for it to continue going other than the fact that it just does.

Information on the Whereabouts of The 13th Kill Squadron Edit

Yip-yir yiryir yiylr Yttyir Yi-yi-yii-yiiir

--A bizarre encryption on a data file I found that makes no sense. Z11

Unsolved mysteries of the Doctors Edit

With the mysteries we behold of events untold, will we ever know perfect history?

The gaps, so deep, the confusion, just as steep; lack of truth feels much too blistery.

Night Walkers Regeneration Colour

Apparently a colour version of the Second Doctor's regeneration.

  • First: Correlation to the Other, his role in making the Hand of Omega, the events that sparked his departure from Gallifrey, who was his first wife (we know that she was a former Lord President's daughter) and what took her out of the equation (as in did she perish or disappear or what?), who were his children they had, and their children's children in addition to Susan? What are his parents' true identities?
  • Second: How much time did he spend in the Celestial Intervention Agency before his death sentence was carried out? How was he reunited with Jaime McCrimmon? How did he regenerate, exactly (Devious portrays an interim Doctor between 2 & 3; The Night Watchers has him offed by Time Lord-animated scarecrows, these accounts could overlap if handled carefully)?
  • Third: The Doctor's TARDIS key changed from a normal Yale key and lock to a rather alien guitar chip-like gizmo, but the reason why and how he changed the lock is unknown. My best guess? Presumably, this was one of his numerous alterations to the TARDIS that carried on even after his exile was lifted, when he no longer needed to dissemble and rebuild it to understand how it works, due to a love of gadgetry. Such changes included at least two new interiors, a new hexagonal control console, and emergency oxygen tanks.
  • Fourth: Where did the Watcher come from? My idea is that if The Dark Dimension had been created for the 30th anniversary of the series, which planned to show the events of the Fourth Doctor's regeneration being subverted, that the Watcher was created in that adventure as a means to mitigate the resulting paradox and bring the timeline back in order by helping the Doctor to change into his fifth incarnation.
  • Fifth: How does the Doctor keeps his celery stalks fresh all the time? A nitpick, but he does have some Time Lord technology at his disposal- surely he must be doing something to affect them, as he said Praxis-range gases tint them purple (guessing he developed or obtained a special immunogenic celery with anti-allergenic properties that remain inactive unless triggered by such gases, then he eats it to give himself an inoculation for/immunity to the allergen).
  • Sixth: Who's the Einstein who decided Six suffered a head injury as his cause of regeneration? Because banging your head on the TARDIS console is not a way to go. The audio The Last Adventure novel gives him a more heroic (ahem, PROPER) sendoff. (Reports show that the mystery of the Sixth's Doctor's farewell to the universe is was hidden away for 30 years to avoid appeasing the anger of the one called Lord Grade the Unreasonable.)
  • Seven: When did Ace officially depart and the Doctor change his wardrobe to the clothes he wore in his final adventure, what made him give up the act of a mysterious manipulator when did he start balding, when did the TARDIS control room get reconfigured to the Victorian parlor? And when did he change the TARDIS key again? It reverts back to a normal key, then this second alien key. Most of all, why in Sam Hill did he not check the flipping TARDIS monitor before he stepped outside into the middle of a San Francisco alleyway?!? You do not do that!! What, was it one of those cases where the Doctor didn't care/flagrantly ignored a potential risk to his well being? Was the monitor on the blink after what the Master did to his ship, was he getting on in years by then and growing too forgetful to remember/too complacent and let his guard down in his old age, did something like a Silent subliminally trick him to go outside?
  • Eight: Big Finish fills a large gap, but it seems very leery to depict the Time War because it would be the beginning of the end for McGann and their productions with him; how did he end up in such raggedy clothes by the end of his life versus the leather coat from the audios? What happened to his newer Sonic Screwdriver (seen with original in The Night of the Doctor), what is the Nightmare Child, the Fall of Arcadia, the Horde of Travesties, and the Could've Been King with his Army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres? Exactly how did Rassilon come back to life, and how did the Master end up in his Derek Jacobi-portrayed incarnation? Is "the Moment" he tried to build in that vignette of Prisoners of Time the same as the Moment we saw his next incarnation steal? If so, it would mean he somehow forgot how to operate it (Eight was infamously amnesiac, after all- or his knowledge of the weapon was taken away for some reason, good, evil, or in between- maybe an old enemy like the Daleks or Davros did this a la Terror Firma in a bid to avoid losing the Time War, maybe the Time Lords were afraid of the weapon, maybe Eight was in league with the Other and he helped influence its creation way back when and vain Omega eventually stole the credit for making it- these are all out there theories, but that's all I've got). What happened to make his 1996 version of the police box change to the 2005 shape? He also changes from the alien lock to the Yale key again. And most of all, how did he end up answering a distress call from Cass? Was he coming or going from a big adventure or what??
  • War: When did he upgrade his Sonic Screwdriver? When did he modify the TARDIS console to the pre-Coral prototype? Where did he get his clothes from and what kind of action made them wear out so thoroughly? How did the Daleks breach the sky trenches at Arcadia but not the rest of the planet's sky trenches- did they pick one place to attack relentlessly as a show of power, or did they have assistance? And how did the Master bypass these trenches if he got out of Gallifrey? Did he somehow let the Daleks in and the so-called breach was an inside job, the trenches remaining intact?
  • Nine: How did the TARDIS console end up on its "Coral" layout setting? How did he choose his attire? What led the Doctor to the Autons in Henrik's and when did they kill Wilson the electrician? What's the cause of the distinctly Yorkshire accent (maybe the TARDIS aided his regeneration after his vocal cords were damaged and had the ability to restore them. Perhaps it tried to assign a fundamentally English-sounding accent at random because it knows he speaks as such. Or did his short time around the Northern-sounding Time Lord soldier who lent the Doctor a gun at Arcadia during the last day of his predecessor's life imprint on him and influence his accent upon regenerating?)? Was Villengard a place where they were making illegal sonic weapons for the black market distributions post-Time War?
  • Ten: How did Dalek Caan breach the Time Lock? (On YouTube, Lee Adams's "The Dalek That Time Forgot" gives a feasible explanation) What did the Doctor do to Donna's superphone after she lost her memories? Will Jenny ever return?
  • Eleven: What's the deal with a picnic at Asgard, and Jim the Fish (apparently a rather... wild dancer)?
  • Twelve: How is he connected to the Valeyard?
  • Other: What is his true name and true age?
  • And of course, will he ever be ginger?!?

...Rose's middle name is Marion???

Also, a little trivia: in The Sarah Jane Adventures, the teens of Bannerman Road have seen their mobiles lost in TV: Invasion of the Bane, The Secrets of the Stars, Prisoner of the Judoon, Lost in Time, Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith, The Curse of Clyde Langer, and The Man Who Never Was, seven stories out of the full 27 aired (28 if you count From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love. Their phone woes would be solved if they would just start carrying around Nokia 3310s!

Wish List (Real World) Edit

McGillop phone call

"No, I don't know where the missing episodes are. And we're still working on that dent in the 70's... or was it 80's?"

  • Torchwood Series 5 (We got it, but I was kinda hoping for more TV installments! And whatever happened to that snazzy Torchwood SUV? I know they sold off the actual prop, but they should at least make note the company car needs to be rescued!! I mean, it's FULL of futuristic tech- in the wrong hands, it could be disastrous. Though given the thieves of the car were dumb hoodlums, I doubt they'll have much luck. Heck, they'll probably push a self-destruct button by accident or the car will remote detonate- let's hope not around populated places but maybe it has features to prevent that. I mean, with the introduction of self driving cars, you'd think Torchwood, which has access to technologies miles ahead of their introduction to society, would have the sense to program the ruddy car to drive back to them on under its own power if it got stolen!! Unless, of course, it ran out of gas, but even then, futuristic car- probably has some sort of alternative alien power to run on. And last of all and most importantly- a tracking device!! Though maybe not because Torchwood tries to be secretive but why would the top of the car have the name in big yellow letters... UGH! But I digress- I vastly, vastly, vastly digress! Phew! This was just me venting, it looks like! Hope you enjoyed!)
  • A comic continuing the The Sarah Jane Adventures and the unproduced fifth season stories. Then, one last comic-printed season to portray a proper finale for the series and a genuine, heartfelt farewell to Elisabeth Sladen's character.
  • An animated adaptation of The Scales of Injustice (Mike Yates's role would have to be modified to not conflict with the events of Vengeance of the Stones
  • An animated adaptation of The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure; formerly sought one of Spiral Scratch (while improving some dialogue disasters) but this one is now a sub-continuity and no longer interests me so much, as what we were given in the audios was superlative
  • A prop replica of this sweet dino stun gun:
Three Dinosaur Stun Gun

Final Note:Edit

This wiki will NOT make any mention of Time's Champion by Craig Hinton or Seasons of War. Neither one is given official recognition as part of the Doctor Who franchise and are such ineligible for consideration on the wiki. Best not bring them up at all in any capacity outside the forums. There is a fanfiction Doctor Who wiki that covers such things, like the Nicholas Briggs Doctor productions.

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