The Time Lord

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  • I live in the TARDIS
  • My occupation is Destroyer of Worlds
  • I am the Oncoming Storm

Salutations, Pudding Brains! My name is The Time Lord, but you can call me TTL for short. I have been a fan of Doctor Who for some time now, and I hope to put my continuously-growing knowledge of the franchise to good use through high-quality edits to this Wiki's articles. Geronimo!


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I am a man of few words, but many dreams. An introvert, I am easy to anger and offend if people are not careful, but I have a strong sense of humor and am a fiercely loyal friend to those who show me kindness. I am intelligent and ambitious; I tend to behave very professionally and set high expectations for myself and others. While I rarely open myself up to people and struggle to trust them, I am very passionate about my many hobbies and interests.

Other information


I am able to conceive ideas for prequels and sequels to the films, video games, and novels I find inspirational with great ease. I develop my concepts by writing "canon-fanon," a type of fan-fiction that is sophisticated in nature and intended to be part of a franchise's official canon, or at least on-par with it. As such, my work often makes heavy use of canon characters, locations, and events.

When developing my canon-fanon projects, I go through the entire creative process, all by myself: I write scripts, draw storyboards, design posters, and sometimes even compose soundtracks! This is the case regardless of the franchise for which I am writing, and every time I show my work to others, I am given the tremendous compliment that it sounds "real!"

My perfectionistic nature sometimes gets in the way of my ability to write canon-fanon, as does the occasional case of writer's block. If a franchise releases something that makes a concept of mine impossible or redundant, I am forced to immediately abandon said concept.

I am presently working on several creative, canon-fanon projects related to Doctor Who. You can read more about them here!


I am a six-foot-three young man with short, wavy, brown hair and brown eyes. I wear glasses, and I can usually be found wearing simple, comfortable clothes. During the warmer parts of the year, I like to wear shorts that range in color from tan to navy blue, white socks, white sneakers, and t-shirts that show my support for the many video games, films, and novels that interest me. When it gets colder outside, I trade in my shorts for jeans, and I wear long-sleeved shirts of many different colors; many of the shirts I wear have stripes.

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