The Librarian

aka John Ashcroft

  • I live in Norwich, Norfolk, UK

All my life I have travelled with the Doctor, or more accurately the Doctor has travelled with me! Sometimes the journey has been difficult, at others a pleasure, but always a comfort, reassuring, uplifting and inspiring.

Untill around 2002 (about the time of the new series), our relationship was, for me anyway, something private and personal. Like a secret affair, an unmentionable addiction, seldom if ever talked about. I felt like a stalker with scrapbooks of clippings, hidden boxes holding fond memories of the times we had travelled together. I collected souvenirs of it all (well most of it); videotapes, audio tapes, books, comics, magazines, CD's, DVD's,you name it.And then one day it all changed...

A guy called Russell came along and opened up his big mouth (well it started with that twinkle in his eye and that big grin of his), and he told everyone. And I mean EVERYONE. People all around me started talking about the Doctor, the people I socialised with, worked with, people in the street or queuing. They started off whispering in small groups amongst themselves and I watched as they quickly became more confident and brazen, even shouting things out!

So after all these years, I've decided to come out and say "Yes, I too have had a relationship with the Doctor". Isn't it just fantastic! Of course, he's not the man he used to be, but he just gets seems to get better with age!

If I ever get to grip with this wiki thing I'll be able to tell you all about it

For anyone wondering why I have chosen the name 'the Librarian', well its because my interests in Doctor Who and its related tie-ins, is very much focused, on not only the visual source material of the programme itself but also printed material (e.g. novels, annuals, comics, magazines) and audio releases (from soundtracks, to talking books to Big Finish's extensive output - which I admit needs to be boosted further. My collection is quite extensive and with large areas of my library complete I am happy to help where I can.

2014 and onwards...Edit

The following are areas which I regularly update;

Doctor Who Adventures its issues, comic stories, and free gifts.
Radio Times its 'Who' related issues, covers, coverage, billings, letters and promotions.
Doctor Who Magazine coverage.
Doctor Who DVD Filesits issues, covers, the magazine pages and its DVD releases.
Doctor Who: Figurine Collection its issues, covers, the magazine pages and its figurine releases.
Doctor Who reference books

The following are areas that I need to revisit;

The Darksmith Legacy
Doctor Who Adventures comic stories and related entries
Doctor Who Files develop their prose fiction coverage.
Doctor Who: Battles in Time (magazine, Doctor Who: Battles in Time (Comic Strip) and ,trading cards).
Torchwood Magazine coverage.
Doctor Who Magazine free gift coverage.
Target Books and Target Books (BBC Audio releases)
Character Options

Other areas I am looking at;

Doctor Who comic history and scans
IDW Doctor Who Adventures
50th Anniversary broadcast programmes
Doctor Who stage shows
Doctor Who postcards
Doctor Who Jigsaws
Doctor Who Prisoner of Time (IDW mini-series)
Prose: 11 Stories, 11 Doctors
Doctor Who: Brief Encounters

But remember , I'm still learning so hints, tips, and constructive comments are most welcome
Oh and I didn't choose the name Librarian for no reason. If anyone needs info on Doctor Who Merchandise/Magazines (especially printed material), just ask! I've stil to list my exceptions .... soon!
The Librarian 03:39, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

oh and my Doctor Who wanted/outstanding list...coming soon!

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