TheChampionOfTime - sometimes called COT or Champ - was a Tardis Wiki editor in the late 2010s....and that's about how far I'll go writing in that style.

I'm the sort that's mostly interested in the non-TV side of Doctor Who. Furthermore, I'm fascinated by the various stories spun-off from Doctor Who which feature characters/species/groups from the series, but not the Doctor.

Favourite pages (that I've made significant contributions to) Edit

Butterfly room, Mary Culver, Unkindness, Jata, Hotel Miramar, Whitby, The Forge, Scorchie, Samhain, The True History of Planets, Reginald Tyler, Smudgelings, Hyspero, TARDIS library, TARDIS art gallery, The Doctor's cottage (The Celluloid Midas), Paternoster Gang, Cyberman, 1974, Iris Wildthyme, Piccadilly Circus, George III's mammoth, Theo Possible, Señor 105, Blithe Pinking Shears, Black Man (Alien Bodies)

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