I keep meaning to move on from the wiki, but always find myself back for more. Definitely regret choosing this username... but I do still like the New Adventures! Not as much as the Eighth Doctor novels and their numerous spin-offs (such as Faction Paradox, Iris Wildthyme, and Miranda), but I do like them.

Since focusing on improving the article for The Forge, I've taken to vastly improving various articles, usually for subjects from outside the TV series. Particularly large and satisfying updates of mine have been for War in Heaven, Last Great Time War, Heather McCrimmon, Posthuman, Cyberman, Time Agency, The Doctor's cottage (The Celluloid Midas), Loom, and Intra-Venus, Inc.

Various other highlights of mine from over the years include Butterfly room, Mary Culver, Unkindness, Jata, Hotel Miramar, Whitby, Samhain, The True History of Planets, Reginald Tyler, Smudgelings, Hyspero, TARDIS library, TARDIS art gallery, Paternoster Gang, 1974, Iris Wildthyme, Piccadilly Circus, George III's mammoth, Theo Possible, Señor 105, Blithe Pinking Shears, Black Man (Alien Bodies), A Hundred Words from a Civil War (short story), A Farewell to Arms (short story), Regen-inf, Kolpasha, Virus (The Scrolls of Rassilon), The Sapling, Kalkrav, Arcadian, Killer Cat of Gin-Seng, The Armistice, Auteur, 10,000 Dawns, Gendar (planet), Founders of Gallifrey.

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