Welcome, and hello.

I'm an admin.

I've been on this wiki for quite some time (not quite from the start though).

I'm not as active as I was when I first started editing, time and all that wears one down a little bit.

I'm around, sometimes on other fandom wikis, so if a message is left I will still see the notification and respond.

Things that try to keep and eye on[edit | edit source]

  • I'm one of the few who work through the Proposed mergers category and often respond to or leave messages on talk pages that have merge tags on them, so check back if you've been waiting on a merge, if it's not clear why it needs to be merged I'd have left a message.
  • I make mistakes. I usually fix them. If not tell me.

Talk, forum and other things[edit | edit source]

If there's an active talk page discussion that I've missed please feel free to point me towards it.

I've also been hiding over at the Blake's 7 Wiki fixing it up to a point where it's got all the basics in place. Please come and make edits. It's all there, more or less, or was the last time I visited.

Various subpages and other work[edit | edit source]

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