aka Sutekh the Destoryer

  • I live in A tomb somewhere in Egypt.
  • My occupation is Part-time all-purpose destroyer
  • I am Osirian.

I bring Sutekh's gift of editing, to all Wiki users. Wherever I go I leave dust and darkness, which can get quite annoying sometimes as I get the sneezles when I'm around dust and I hate the dark.

Former evil Osisrian death bringer. Kept prisoner by that jerk Horus. After my plans on Earth backfired a little, I decided to change my path in life, and now have decided to take up editing on online Wikis.

Anyway, onto my proper profile. Hi! My real name is Andrew and as you may have guessed by the fact that I have made an account for this wikia, I am a very big Doctor Who nut.

Main areas of interest to me are the early years of the Doctor Who universe (such as the Dark Times, the Great Old Ones and events surrounding that time e.g the Millennium War). The intergalactic politics of the DWU (things like the Galactic Federation, The Dark Path, the Earth Empire). And earthbound UNIT-ey history (Who Killed Kennedy, Remembrance of the Daleks (TV story), C19 and the Vault) along with Victorian alien encounters like (The Talons of Weing Chiang) and the (The Snowmen).

As many other users have done this, and I though it looked fun anyway, I've decided to do one of these first and favourite things.

My FirstEdit


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