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What it's aboutEdit

After the fall of most of the Time Lords, a human, Imagine Wizard, decided to make a new race of Time Lords, but this time from Earth. During his search, he found another Human who wanted to become a Human Time Lord (H.T.L), Joker1138.

If you also want to become a H.T.L, post on Sichamousacoricothingmabob's (Imagine Wizard's Time Lord name) talk page or on this page's talk page.

Current membersEdit

Current leadersEdit

Current membersEdit

Humans who claim to be Human Time Lords but have not replied to (or denied) an invitation to the orderEdit

Ranking IconsEdit

Si HTL Seal Leader big
This icon is Sichamousacoricothingmabob's symbol, showing him as:

  • F= Founder
  • L1= Head/Leader 1
  • A member

This icon is Ghelæ's symbol.

New HTL Seal
This icon next to a name and signature means that the person is a member.

How to become a memberEdit

There are 2 ways to become a member. Request or be invited.


  1. Click here and ask to be requested there.
  2. If you are accepted Sichamousacoricothingmabob (or Si for short) or Ghelæ will reply on your talk page.
  3. On your infobox (if you have one) in the race section copy+paste this in:
    [[Human]] (training to be a [[User:Sichamousacoricothingmabob/Human Time Lords|Human Time Lord]])
  4. Optional: In your preferences, where it says "Nickname", type in:
[ HTL Seal icon.PNG]

or a variant to get the followng picture next to your nickname: New HTL Seal icon

Make sure you tick the raw signature box.
Note: If this dosen't work for you then contact Si or Ghelæ here.

  • You are now a member. Place your name on the lists here and here (if it's not already).


If you are a freind of another H.T.L, or another H.T.L is being friendly (or bored), you might be invited to join the order. If that happens, then reply on your talk page or the talk page of the H.T.L who invited you whether or not you would like to become one. Then follow steps 3 to 5 of the previous section.

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