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I, Scrooge MacDuck, also known by the more serious pen name of Aristide Twain, am a resident of the Citadel of Ecnarf, on the planet Thrae in the Constellation of Yawyklim, and a fervent enthusiast of the extended Doctor Who universe, from something as mainstream as Series 10 (whose three-part finale may well be my favorite televised Doctor Who story altogether) to the most obscure of NOTVALID short stories. (Cough, cough.) I am also an author, though not as yet one of licensed DW fiction, and, elsewhere on the Internet, the Wikimaster of the $crooge McDuck Wiki.

Editing style Edit

As an editor of the Tardis Data Core Wiki, I can often be found lurking on the forums and weighing in on matters of policy or inclusion debates — and as concerns the latter, it's no secret that I almost always favour inclusion if I think there's a fair case to be made for it.

But I am also a diligent editor of the actual body of the Wiki, with a large number of created pages on record. As mentioned above, I am fascinated by the furthest boundaries of Doctor Who-ness and the oddest odds-and-ends that are to be found, just as much as by the great televised masterpieces; as such, while you certainly will find me adding synopses to recent Doctor Who episodes' pages and suchlike, I am more often engaged in coverage of less prominent, but, in my view, equally important, works — for the simple reason that there are fewer other people who'll do it if I don't, whereas you can generally trust this amazing continuity to yield fantastic TV story pages very quickly.

One thing to note about my editing style is that when I cover something, I cover it thoroughly. Tis another man than I who would leave a page like Doctor Why's TARDIS a stub or a redlink, if he set his mind to boosting coverage of Hallo My Dalek — no matter if it doesn't exactly seem like a priority as a whole.

Projects I'm proud to present Edit

Things I think should change Edit

None of these things could be done on the Wiki without community discussions, and you can't start too many threads at once, if only out of courtesy to admins; but here are a few things on the Wiki which I believe should change at some point in the future and am planning to create threads about someday. (If you agree with me on these issues and want to help with setting up such a thread at some point, do get in touch!)

  • The restriction on images over 100 kilo-octets large made sense when the Wiki started, but in this day and age, I think it's become downright archaic for most intents and purposes. I'm not arguing we should start uploading high-def 10 Mo image at every corner, but being something like 600 ko should no longer be a "delete-on-sight"-type offence.
  • If animated recons and "special editions" with added CGI of TV stories are considered valid sources for screenshots, it's frankly unfair that colourised reprints of comics are still exiled to BTS sections.
  • The Master should be split into different pages for each new body. No, we sometimes don't know what order these bodies go into exactly, or by what exact mechanism the Master went from one to the other. And? We don't know when and how the Doctor regenerates into the Curator, that never bothered us. If anything, these uncertainties seem to pose more difficulties with trying to write a single, linear biography of the Master than they would with separate pages.
  • Tardis:Valid sources should have a clause that allows for a specific community discussion to let a story with no licensed DW elements at all in, so as to accommodate those stories which started out as not officially DW-related, but which were always meant as DW-adjacent and have since seen their concepts and characters become parts of Doctor Who. Prime candidates would be:
  • Tardis:No personal attacks should be dependent on the supposed victim's opinion: if the accused editor claims they meant no offence, and none was taken, there shouldn't need to be any sanctions.

My SandboxesEdit

  1. User:Scrooge_MacDuck/Sandbox_Alpha
    (Currently occupied by: rewritten Creation of the Daleks page)
  2. User:Scrooge_MacDuck/Sandbox_Beta
    (Currently occupied by: Dalek Prime merged with Dalek Emperor (The Evil of the Daleks) and Golden Emperor)
  3. User:Scrooge_MacDuck/Sandbox_Gamma
    (Currently occupied by: proposed incarnations of the Doctor navbox, propsoed redux of Master stories livebox)
  4. User:Scrooge_MacDuck/Sandbox_Delta
    (Currently occupied by: revamped Dr. Who (Dr. Who and the Daleks))

Contacting MeEdit

I'm usually pretty quick to reply to messages, so feel free to ask me anything on my talk page; you can expect an answer within a week or so (probably less, but you never know when a horribly busy week might kick in). Just one thing: if the business you have with me isn't Tardis-related, I'd rather you contacted me on my user talk page on the $crooge McDuck Wiki, as I find the old-fashioned “reply on the other person's talk page” setup of Tardis talk pages something of a pain to keep track of. --Scrooge MacDuck 17:07, May 15, 2019 (UTC)

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