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Chronicler of the space between our world and the worlds of fiction

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Smaller on the outside - Doctor Who - The Snowmen - BBC

...You might even say, this was the Genesis of This Account.

My name is SmallerOnTheOutside. This is most likely an alias, but true names rarely stand the test of time. You may call me SOTO. I'm an admin here.

From our rule that real world knowledge cannot enter into our coverage, and the vantage point that we write from the end of the universe, we find ourselves the unique opportunity to scavenge for most ordinary things.

Like archeologists stuck out of time, having secretly lived the time period, we pick out and find evidence of those most basic aspects of our lives on Earth.

What we find is the Doctor Who universe has always been an evolution of terms, and our own cultures — always shifting and reflecting, giving way to interest, but settling when there is no push, no motion as seen from the outside — always come out.

Meaning changes even before real change. We find ourselves at a window to just some of those changes. Not a TARDIS, but not bad either.


Sexuality (yep, Sex Gas)

The kind of editing that I most enjoy is creating "from the real world" pages. You'll find my work on articles like pub, pen, pencil, wood, space suit, glass or rain. I'm honestly much more proud of my more in-depth explorations, though, like gender and sexuality.

I also enjoy my research into the goings-on behind the scenes. Most of my work in this area so far has been documenting production roles and the people who have filled them. I would like to get back to the production days project, which takes more of a timeline approach than the "who's who" of who made up the final project.

And like I said, I also happen to be an admin, so you will find me performing administrative duties across the wiki. This might include leaving messages on your talk page. Though I'm not as active as I once was, if you have any problems or questions, I'm definitely one of the people to come to (along with our other active admin).