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My name is Shani. <br>
I'm 15 years old from Israel. <br>
I'm speaking Hebrew, English and a little bit of Arabic. <br>
I'm a Whovian for four years now. I wathced most of the exist classic stories and of course all of the new ones.
I am the primary admin (though, not founder) of the [עמוד_ראשי|d Israeli Doctor Who wiki].
On the hebrew wiki, i worked (partially alone) on a project for adding classic episodes, companions, enemies and characters articles to the wiki. Now, six months after, i finally finished it. In addition, i'm sometimes adding audio/comics/novel stories articles. I HATE red links.
(Plus - I added like 900 articles to the hebrew wiki, and now, i'm gonna make the hebrew wiki the second most detailed ''Doctor Who'' wiki, after '''Tardis Data Core''').
Now, i am part of a israeli translation group. We're translating the classic series episodes to hebrew, because many israeli whovians don't have such a great english, and they can't watch the classic (and best) episodes without subtitles. When i have free time, i'm translating novels - now working on ''[[Goth Opera (novel)|Goth Opera]]''.
My favorite villians are the [[Slitheen family]], as you can understnad by my name :)
==My first==
* '''''[[Doctor Who]]'' story''': [[The Girl in the Fireplace (TV story)|The Girl in the Fireplace]]
* '''''[[Torchwood (TV series)|Torchwood]]'' story''': [[Everything Changes (TV story)|Everything Changes]]
* '''''[[Sarah Jane Adventures]]'' story''': [[The Mad Woman in the Attic (TV story)|The Mad Woman in the Attic]]
* '''[[Big Finish Productions]] audio''': [[Weapon of Choice (audio story)|Weapon of Choice]]'''
==My favourite==
* '''[[the Doctor|Doctor]]''': [[Seventh Doctor]]
* '''[[companion]]''': [[Sarah Jane Smith]]
* '''[[writer]]''': [[Russell T Davies]]
* '''[[director]]''': [[Peter Moffatt]]
* '''[[:Category:Doctor Who (1963) television stories|old series story]]''': [[State of Decay (TV story)|State of Decay]]
* '''[[:Category:Doctor Who (2005) television stories|new series story]]''': [[The Doctor's Wife (TV story)|The Doctor's Wife]]
* '''[[:Category:Big Finish audio stories|Big Finish audio story]]''': [[Omega (audio story)|Omega]]
* '''[[:category:Comic stories|Comic story]]''': [[The World Shapers (comic story)|The World Shapers]]'''
* '''[[:Category:NA novels|New Adventures novel]]''': [[All-Consuming Fire (novel)|All-Consuming Fire]]

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