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Hi! I'm Nate, a fellow who wears many hats: moderator of the Doctor Who and Gallifrey communities on Reddit; admin of the Faction Paradox and Obverse wikis; and occasional Faction Paradox author! Nothing is canon, but the Eighth Doctor novels are canoner than NuWho, and I will challenge you to Rock Paper Scissors if you disagree.

Disclaimer: I do my best to stick to old-fashioned Wikipedian values, and I absolutely never intend to attack anyone through what I say on this site. If any reader takes unintended offense at anything I say, I sincerely apologize; feel free to contact me about it and I'll retract the perceived insult at the earliest opportunity.

Changes I'd currently like on the wiki[]

Big thanks to all the admins who have helped with things on this list!


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My ideas can be roughly split between the purely technical (naming, formatting, and such) …

  • When you search for a redirect, the search bar now shows you not only the page name you're typing but also what it redirects to or from! This removes the obstacle to using names from novelisations in page titles.[3] See Sandbox3 for a list of pages which can be renamed in this light.
  • It would be helpful for disambiguation and less confusing for everyone if unproduced stories were dabbed as such: for instance, Creatures of Habit (comic story) should be moved to Creatures of Habit (unproduced comic story).
  • Compared with best practices, subpages are direly underutilized on this wiki. At minimum, we should use Sabbath Dei/List of appearances instead of Sabbath Dei - list of appearances and Faction Paradox (series)/Covers rather than Faction Paradox covers; more imaginatively, we could use Twelfth Doctor/Biography to cover the character's biography in maximum detail while Twelfth Doctor#Biography gives a briefer overview.[4]
  • Our treatment of metafictional information is unnecessarily confusing to the not we, who sensibly expect pages like Doctor Who Series 9 to be about … you know … Doctor Who Series 9. We need a better and more explicit policy for disambiguation in this kind of scenario.[5]
  • We should use sortable tables so stories in bibliographies and lists of appearances can be sorted both chronologically and by medium: see Sabbath Dei - list of appearances for an example. Some of this could probably be automated with SemanticWiki along the lines of Bongolium500's excellent citation template proposal.

… the slightly demanding …

  • T:SPOIL is designed to protect the hypothetical editor who doesn't want to learn about the Fourteenth Doctor from Special:RecentChanges, but given the extreme reach of these announcements and the effort the BBC puts into promoting them, it's clear that such an editor isn't experiencing the franchise the way it's meant to be experienced. When the top trending search on this wiki is [REDACTED], an actor for whom we don't even have a page (!), we're clearly failing the actual users of this wiki. It's long overdue that we allow {{spoiler}}-marked pages for future cast members based on official announcements.
  • The Master must be split into incarnation pages at earliest opportunity.[4] To avoid the bickering over naming that has sidetracked previous attempts, we should disambiguate by first appearance as a suboptimal-yet-neutral temporary Schelling point: The Master (Terror of the Autons), The Master (Dominion), Missy, The Master (Utopia), War Master, etc. Better names can then be debated on individual talk pages.
  • Characters and concepts with minor appearances or mere mentions in other realities don't need separate pages.[6] It serves no one to separate our coverage of Moira (Shadow World) from Moira (The Pilot), Jevon (Ascension) from Jevon (Emancipation), or David Whitaker (The Thief of Sherwood) from David Whitaker (The Daleks).
  • It's a mistake that Timewalkerauthor's summaries were removed from our wiki. Especially since no one likes writing plot summaries, we should be more accepting of ""self-plagiarism"",[7] and maybe we should even consider linking to external summaries like the Time Lord Archives and Doctor Who Reference Guide in our "Plot" sections.

… and the wild (which require more thought and nuance).

  • Peter Capaldi's difficulty in finding relevant information on our wiki has me rethinking T:NPOV and how we write leads. I haven't settled on anything articulable yet, but my changes to The Beatles and Musée d'Orsay may indicate the trajectory of my thinking.
  • For a wiki run by fans for fans, we care an awful lot about licensing! If 100% of the audience understands that a character is obviously intended to be (for instance) the Doctor, we should just cover them as the Doctor, regardless of the exact legalities. The Homeworld principle already hints at this, but a broader policy would also allow us to dissolve our laughable distinctions between the Mistress (The Choice) and Romana II or the Imperator and Morbius I.[8]

Many of these suggestions would require forum threads before implementation; I am intimately familiar with T:BOUND, and I cannot and will not act on those until then. That said, I believe the forums are likely permanently lost, and we would do well to wind up a stand-in[9] before the to-do list grows any longer.


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