Hi! I'm Nate, a fellow who wears many hats: moderator of the Doctor Who and Gallifrey communities on Reddit; admin of the Faction Paradox and Obverse wikis; and occasional Faction Paradox author! Nothing is canon, but the Eighth Doctor novels are canoner than NuWho, and I will challenge you to Rock Paper Scissors if you disagree.

Disclaimer: I do my best to stick to old-fashioned Wikipedian values, and I absolutely never intend to attack anyone through what I say on this site. If any reader takes unintended offense at anything I say, I sincerely apologize; feel free to contact me about it and I'll retract the perceived insult at the earliest opportunity.

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Changes I'd currently like on the wiki[edit | edit source]

Big thanks to all the admins who have helped with things on this list!

Renames[edit | edit source]

Speedy renames[edit | edit source]

Links moved[edit | edit source]

Links not moved[edit | edit source]

Either because the present name should stay as a redirect, or because I just haven't gotten around to it yet :)

Mergers[edit | edit source]

Policy[edit | edit source]

Except where otherwise noted, it's my understanding that each of these suggestions would require a forum thread to enact; I am intimately familiar with T:BOUND, and I cannot and will not act on them until then.

Sandbox[edit | edit source]

Main article: User:NateBumber/Sandbox
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