Mentuhotep I

aka John Smith

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  • I live in Gallifrey
  • My occupation is Time Lord

Me and Doctor Who Edit

I watch Doctor Who since 2008... or to be exact I know Doctor Who since 2008, because of a You Tube video. It was love at first sight I fell in love the first episode I watched. I bought the first series in english (the german version was not yet released) and since then I watched about every Doctor Who episode. At the time Im reading the adaptations of the episodes and the Virgin New Adventures.

MY Goal Edit

To be honest, I dont really have a goal. When I see something thats not really correct, then I edit it. You probably won't see me creating any articles, because I always have the feeling that I do something wrong. On the german Doctor Who Wiki, I created a lot of articles and most of them are inspired by the TARDIS Data Core.

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